Traditional news media publications create content that dictates a story rather than speaking to its readership. Elite Daily was created out of a growing discontentment with antiquated media publications mandating that news coverage be presented in a dull, one-dimensional manner. The Elite Daily ethos is centered on reader engagement and fostering a true, unique connection with our readership through a platform that facilitates discussion rather than blandly presenting news. Elite Daily’s founding members grew tired of consuming disingenuous content and created a highly-engaging, social content platform that would radically change and redefine the meaning of a media publication, with millennial voices speaking directly to their fellow members of Gen-Y who share a similar passion for informative content.


We strive to engage and stimulate our audience through viral content that facilitates discussion amongst Generation-Y. Elite Daily’s content is a natural amalgamation of the voices of your millennial peers—curated specifically for Generation-Y, by Generation-Y. Dissimilar to previous attempts at engaging millennials, Elite Daily employs a completely authentic voice rather than calculated, research driven marketing.


Elite Daily is an anomaly in the world of media publications due to our staff being entirely comprised of millennials, including our 600+ contributors. Our tagline, “The Voice of Generation-Y,” not only reflects our commitment to delivering content specifically targeted to Generation-Y, but also authentic content shaped by talented media professionals of the same demographic.

Our generation is unfairly stereotyped as lacking aspiration, heralded the “ADD Generation.” However, we embrace this moniker: the work we create reflects the frenetic, creative spirit associated with ADD. The world is at our fingertips, and our curiosity for knowledge allows us to present you with a multitude of content that converges into an engaging social content platform. We refuse to consume uninspiring content and spur our readers to do the same.


Elite Daily remains unparalleled in its ability to provide Generation-Y with a sounding board for its contemplations – and while these thoughts will never be entirely in agreement, the dialogue created from these articles leaves all parties more enriched. The sheer volume contributors to the site, of all ages and nationalities, provides distinct and diverse perspectives to each and every topic we broach. We leave no stone unturned, and every topic, be it controversial or not, is explored through a variety of lenses and perspectives.


Elite Daily has fostered a company culture comprising of hardworking, aspirational individuals with a mutual respect and appreciation for the development of new media. We’re all very different people in a generation far too big to be qualified, searching for truths, happiness and success – just like you.

Meet The Team

  • David Arabov

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Jonathon Francis

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Gerard Adams

  • Adrian Goris

    Chief Technical Officer
  • Miguel Burger-Calderon

    Chief Strategy Officer
  • Aaron Baker

    Senior Developer
  • Kaitlyn Cawley

    Editor In Chief
  • Terence MF Thomas

    Creative Director
  • Kendall Wood

    Senior Editor
  • Ashley Fern

    Senior Editor
  • Claudia Fisher

    Senior Editor
  • Christian LaDu

    Senior Editor
  • Edin Veljovic

    Content Coordinator
  • Robert Gordon

    News Editor
  • Julian San Pedro

    Sports Editor
  • Robert Saintlot

    Envision Editor
  • Tyler Gildin

    Humor Editor
  • Laura Argintar

    Womens Editor
  • Doran Rosenberg

    Music Editor
  • Joseph Milord

    Money Editor
  • Elizabeth Baugh

    Copy Editor
  • Alexis Gutter

    Copy Editor
  • Paul Jurczyk

    Life Writer
  • Sean Levinson

    News Writer
  • Lauren Martin

    Humor Writer
  • Veronica Grossman

    Entertainment Writer
  • Joana Pizzirusso

    Contributing-Writer Manager
  • Corina Aparicio

    Social Media
  • Kayla Inglima

    Human Resources
  • Serge Efap

    Business Development
  • Stephen Edwards

    Business Development
  • Stephanie Freeman

    Business Development
  • Tommy Nickolas

    Business Development
  • Max Grunner

    Production Coordinator
  • John Paul
    San Pedro

    Media Coordinator
  • Sincere Dennis

    Video Editor
  • Greg Dybec

    Content Manager
  • Diana Reynolds

    Format Manager
  • Kylah Benes-Trapp

    Format Manager
  • Joaquin Gamboa

    Back-End Developer
  • Marko Bajlovic

    Front-End Developer
  • Robert Rodriguez

    Graphic Designer
  • Dan Scotti

  • Joe Santagato

    Video Host
  • Lyndsay Reyes

  • Black Ocean

  • SamStella