The Voice Of Generation-Y

Our Story

Elite Daily’s founding team grew tired of traditional media publications mandating that news coverage be presented in a dull, one-dimensional manner and set out to create a highly engaging, socially driven content platform that would radically change and redefine the meaning of a media publication. With an audience of over 70 million monthly readers, Elite Daily has established the largest, fastest growing community of millennial voices on the web.


Elite Daily is Millennials’ preferred platform for today’s hot issues and trending topics, from politics to dating and everything in between. We’re committed to meeting the ever-evolving needs of Generation-Y, whether that be a source of information, a good laugh, a shoulder to cry on or a place to have their voices heard. Our staff is made up of young media professionals who, like our audience, have opinions and are brave enough to start the conversations that need to be had.

Our Team


David Arabov CEO
Jonathon Francis COO
Miguel Burger Calderon President


David Moss Head of Platform
Kaitlyn Cawley Editor-In-Chief
Greg Dybec Managing Editor
Nina Ruggiero Deputy Editor

Social Media

Ali DiBarba Social Media Manager
Ashley Fern Director of Social Media

Original Content/Features

Paul Jurczyk Senior Writer
John Haltiwanger Politics Writer
Candice Jalili Features Writer
Sheena Sharma Features Writer
Gigi Engle Features Writer
Alexia LaFata Staff Writer
Zara Barrie Staff Writer
Olivia Loving Copy Editor
Kevin Schlittendhart Copy Editor


Sean Levinson Senior Staff Writer
Stacey Leasca Senior Editor, LA
Claudia Fisher Senior Editor
Elizabeth Baugh Senior Editor
Lydia Mansel Senior Editor
Eitan Levine Staff Writer
Gillian Fuller Staff Writer
Robert Gordon Content Manager
Sara Gartman Jr. Copy Editor
Leah Degrazia Jr. Copy Editor
Jake Cappuccino Jr. Copy Editor
Christina Kolokathis Content Coordinator
Alexa Mellardo Jr. Content Coordinator

Contributor Content

Joanna Pizzirusso Director of Communications
Kendall Wood Senior Editor
Corina Aparicio Community Coordinator
Jenna Shulman Recruitment Coordinator
Brittany Leitner Copy Editor
Aly Vander Hayden Copy Editor
Nikhita Mahtani Copy Editor


Laura Argintar Senior Writer
Emily Arata Writer
Nicole McGloster Writer
Leeor Bronis Writer
Izabella Zaydenberg Writer
Celine Rahman Art Coordinator


Julian San Pedro Senior Writer
Joe Milord Writer
Adam Silvers Writer


Connor Toole Senior Writer
Alec MacDonald Writer


Robert Saintlot Senior Writer
Kaylin Pound Writer


Edin Veljovic Content Manager
Kylah Benes-Trapp Formatting Coordinator
Sepp Dasbach Formatting Coordinator
Amanda Lurie Formatting Coordinator
Jessica Wendroff Formatting Coordinator


Mark Parolisi VP, Engineering
Aaron Baker VP, Product
Ryeon Kim Data Analyst
Lucas Dobson Systems Developer
Sam Raker Application Developer
David O’Trakoun Senior Front-End Developer
John Troynousky Senior CMS Developer
Matthew Padich Front-End Developer


Weston Green VP of Video
Tyler Gildin Director of Video
Alex Casner Senior Producer, Branded Content
Amanda Goscinski Office Production Manager
Camille D’Elia Junior Producer
Colin Hingel Videographer
David Potvin Senior Producer
Evan Brenner Media Manager
Isabella Roman Production Assistant
John Stish Video Editor
Kelley Lord Associate Producer
Kevin Losani Senior Producer
Lauren Ireland Scripted Producer
Max Grunner Producer
Nick Massey Videographer
Oliver Dudman Lead Motion Graphics Designer
Rebecca Hovel Junior Producer
Salvatore Tumolo Assistant Editor
Sam Dane Production Assistant
Shawn Hazelett Researcher
Skyler Fulton Video Editor
Sergio Calderon Motion Graphics Assistant
Terence Thomas Cinematographer
Tracey Zane Producer, Branded Content
Zach Frenchman Production Assistant


Nicole Goksel VP, Revenue
Ryan Cassidy VP, Brand Partnerships
Adnan Sakiri Ad Ops Coordinator
Tamara Sokolson Project Manager, Branded Content
Evan Newman Senior Editor


Kayla Inglima Director, HR
Kelli Boyle College Programming Coordinator
Luis Navia Director, Culture & Innovation
Nikki Pagliaro Creative Director
Penny Papanikolaou Financial Controller
Robert Rodriguez Graphic Designer
Serge Efap Operations Coordinator
Simone Press Director, Recruiting
Stephen Edwards Director, Marketing