Is America Turning To Socialism?

Preston Waters
Many have debated whether America is moving toward a socialistic point in its history that can only end in a complete and total destruction of the founding ideologies of this country. Issues about social justice are being raised daily as government budgets are being squeezed.

We live in a time where health care reforms are being proposed, unemployment insurances are being extended, and the government is constantly trying to pass bills that create useless jobs that do not contribute to the development of the USA in any significant way. The passage of such policies begs the question, “Are we moving away from core capitalist American beliefs”?

To be able to answer this key question we must first examine what is socialism? Socialism is an economic system characterized by social ownership of the means of production and cooperative management of the economy; or a political philosophy advocating such a system.

Then we must examine this debate in a historical context. The argument that America was moving towards socialism began at the end of the second world war when socialism began to rise in the former Soviet Union. This has continued to prevail as an argument against any type of movement towards more refined social equalities that the rest of the civilized world has acknowledged and embraced.

For instance when Nixon was faced with the decision to make free healthcare a right for all citizens of the USA he instead chose to market the idea as a socialist spawn of evil. He did a spinoff of the entire thing, saying it was an unnecessary evil. He claimed Americans should continue in the footsteps of capitalism by making it a private industry. While Nixon was busy privatizing healthcare, most of Europe was developing a free socialized system where everybody could be treated equally. Now this may seem like a great idea but let us read on and truly understand what is going on.

Why are we so focused on the healthcare reform that President Obama managed to pass? This is an argument that can be traced back to the inception of the Cold War and is a key debate between Democrats and Republicans every day. Free healthcare has been championed by Democrats as a human right that all people deserve. We as Republicans wish to ask you, would you give us millions of your hard earned dollars to support other peoples families? Democrats would have you believe that those same uninsured people would do the same for you however that is clearly not true. They are already paying a lower tax rate by percentage so they are actually impeding your healthcare while you are providing it for them.

Does that seem fair to you? Should you have to pay a 40% tax rate for another person’s life when that same person is paying 20% for your treatment? Now this is obviously an oversimplification but the idea is accurate.

There are individuals that belong to certain political parties (Democrats), that tend to pay less on average in taxes then members of other political parties. The top 1% of Americans pay 40% of the tax revenue the government collects. You cannot honestly sit there and tell us that is a fair calculation. What do those 40% of bottom feeders provide for the top 1%? They leech the essence of our society out with their unproductively and they expect us to support them with benefits such as free healthcare and unemployment opportunity.

Let us look at how well socialism has worked out throughout the rest of the world to fully understand why this is a problem. Socialism simply kills incentives to work and so creates deterioration within a countries workforce that will eventually lead to collapse. The former Soviet Union is a great example of how socialistic corruption collapses a great empire. North Korea had a massive unemployment rate that caused starvation and death in the streets under socialistic regimes. Cuba had thousands die before their leaders managed to create a system that would evenly distribute food to the general population. Does anybody else see a problem here?

Now let us look at what many champion as a successful socialist states, countries of the European Union. Greece is on the brink of default because it has provided way too many unnecessary jobs to keep its population content (the equivalent of Obama’s job plan that requires workers to build roads?). Italy has overextended its theatrics with its public sectors rapid unnecessary expansion, and Portugal and Spain are barely holding on with massive unemployment rates.

So where is the successful socialist state? That is where everybody will mention China. Oh yes China is definitely the most successful socialist state, that is if you like living in a society where you cannot speak out against your government, and where media regulation prevents you from freedom of expression. If you do not obey you will vanish in this country, sounds friendly right? Anybody watching the news this summer could spot pockets of rebellion appearing and vanishing instantaneously in China.

So now we have a system where many argue that we need more government benefits and social services. The first question that should be asked is who is paying for all of this? The common American has no understanding of economics and obviously does not understand that tax revenue must increase in order for government spending to increase and an increase in taxes on rich individuals would lead to a decrease in consumption.

That would be a horrible outcome since the top tier of tax payers are the majority of consumers. If you increase taxes on companies those same companies will decrease investments which will inevitably lead to a lack of development, a lack of competitiveness, and eventually to a higher unemployment within the country. So when individuals say Republicans are preventing job growth by not allowing Obama to pass his jobs bill they should open an economics book and read a little.

Obama is trying to create jobs that are menial at best, provide no significant advantage to the country, and is generally used as a campaign gimmick so that he can say he lowered the unemployment rate. He is just trying to get elected once again and at the same time increasing our budget deficit, causing harm in the long run to this country.

So in conclusion when we are asked do we think America is turning into a socialistic state we say it is definitely moving towards that end of the spectrum. Unnecessary healthcare reforms want the successful individuals of society to use their hard earned money to pay for people who are less well off within a society. We think that is the wrong mentality. We disagree with the support of the unproductive by the productive. People who have wealth have sacrificed to get it, and those who do not can attain it with hard work and discipline. In no way should the successful have to give to maintain the less ambitious. We all pick our destinies and so we are all responsible for our decisions.

Free healthcare should be given to all children until they are 21 years of age. The jobs bill should not be passed simply to lower unemployment and support the presidential campaign of a failed president. Unemployment insurance should not be extended to help unskilled laborers stay afloat. They should be under constant time constraint and pressure to find a new position instead of sitting on government generosity that is effectively sponsored by hard working individuals.

If you want a socialist America we challenge you to first show us a successful socialist country before you suggest that hard working individuals give up their hard earned wealth to support their less ambitious counterparts.

Stock Analyst, Leonid Levit | Elite Daily

Preston Waters