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Men Reveal The One Thing They're Not Going To Compromise On In A Relationship

Relationships are all about compromise. Anyone in even a semi-happy relationship will tell you that.

Sometimes, you're going to have to do stuff you don't want to do, and sometimes, the other person will have to do the same. That's just the way it works.

That being said, it's also important to have a few things you're not willing to compromise on.

For example, I love my friends. And one of my favorite things about my boyfriend is that he puts time and effort into getting to know them, and beyond that, he never annoys me about spending time with them.

But I could never be in a relationship with someone who tried to get between my friends and me. That's something I'm not willing to compromise on.

A few brave dudes on Reddit came together to discuss the things they aren't willing to compromise on in their own relationships, and I have their most logical, most absurd, most common and flat-out weirdest answers here for you.

Leave your jealousy at the door with these dudes.

I wont deal with jealousy, If I am with someone, I am not running around, and If I decide that I need to find someone else for whatever reason then I am gonna break it off with my current SO at the time.


I'm not in love with my best friends (or anyone else), so don't try to limit the relationships with people I've already established thru my life out of jealousy.


Don't be jealous of the other people in my life. Above all communicate! If you're afraid to tell or ask me something it's not going to work.


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This guy can't deal with you grinding his gears every day.

How she treats me. No matter how hot or how well she can suck a dick, I just won't deal with the day-to-day ill-ease of trying to manage someone who is disingenuous, selfish, acts and argues in bad faith, or is more interested in having me behave as a perpetual validation machine or an accessory to a fairytale I've never been told.

When I think of my loved ones and how it can feel that it's "us against the world," and she's part of the world, then there's an expiration date to the relationship.


He will NOT shave his beard for you.

I will not shave my beard.


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If you don't swing, he's out.

all my relationships are open/swinger by default and design, Im not going mono, never, ever, nor do I expect my SO to do so.


If you do swing, these guys are out.

Monogamy. It's sad that it's broken so often.


Cheating. If they cheat it's over, no talk, no compromise, over.


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He's not down for kids.

No children. I don't want them. I'm not raising someone else's.


Physical abuse is a hard no for this guy (as it should be for everyone).

I will tolerate zero physical abuse. You don't hit me. You don't throw things. You don't prevent me from leaving. You don't lock me out. You don't snatch things out of my hands. You don't follow me when I leave.

You deal with your emotions like an adult or you are gone.


You have to put out if you wanna keep dating these dudes.

No sex, or bad sex (long term).


No sex.


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Don't make him choose between you and his friends.

My friends. I have some of the best friends in the world, and if she told me that I wasn't allowed to see or talk to one of them or any of them it would be an automatic deal breaker.

A friend of mine's SO recently told them to not contact one of his friends, and he went with her order. It ticks me off so much to see somebody give into a girl he hardly knows and cut off somebody who is integral to our college friend group.


Put those cigarettes out for good.

No smoking, Drinking, or drugs. I don't do this to my body/mind, and i don't want to date someone who does it to their body/mind


No smoking at all.

I want someone who will be around as long as possible, and the smell bothers me too much.


No smoking, no single layer toilet paper, no cheating


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But don't make him put out his cigs.

The opposite for me, being, telling me to quit smoking, continuously. I'm honest about my bad habit from the beginning so it's beyond me why after 6 months you start telling me I need to quit.

Fuck off mate.


Learn to love his video games.

She better like gaming lmao


Accept him the way he is.

No trying to change my appearance. I'm not a slob and I dress well to the occasion always. There is no need to insist on changing my appearance.


Think twice before cussing out his mom.

Not getting along with my mother. Yeah, I may be a "momma's boy" but she's the only family I have because we're not close with anybody else. Sure, she's a hard ass but only because she cares about me.


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Be nice to his kids.

She has to treat my kids well.


He'll share his feelings and privates with you, but not his wallet.

Money. I won't compromise my money because your spending habits suck nor will I want to take your money because my spending habits suck.


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No vegetarians for this dude.

You must eat meat. You must eat pork. You must enjoy food. You must consume alcoholic beverages.

I want someone I can share the joys of life with.


At the end of the day, it's important to remember that you can't stop being who you are. If the things you refuse to compromise on don't align with your partner's, then maybe it's just time to move on.

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Candice Jalili


Candice is a staff writer here at Elite Daily. She possesses both the body and the humor of a 15-year-old boy while she enjoys the lifestyle of a 75-year-old woman.
Candice is a staff writer here at Elite Daily. She possesses both the body and the humor of a 15-year-old boy while she enjoys the lifestyle of a 75-year-old woman.

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