The Difference Between A “Girl” And A “Lady”

The Difference Between A “Girl” And A “Lady”
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We should start this piece off by saying, what’s a pawn to a queen? There really isn’t much one can compare a pawn to a queen with, not in the game of chess and not in the game life. The difference between the two are vast and significant; in the quest for the perfect female you never want to end up with a girl that is immature, you’d rather the lady who will stick with you through thick and thin.

When we say, “girls,” we are referring to the childish women out there who sit around and do nothing, waste their time with trivial matters, and are extremely immature. They are the types of girls that find ways to use guys to their own benefit – who are sometimes classified as gold-diggers depending on their wants and needs at the current time.

In regards to referring to a lady, we are speaking of the perfect girl. The girl that can hold her own and is envied by all around her. She is the girl that will be the Beyonce to your Jay-Z; the one who will stick with you and even improve your struggling situations. This female is the alpha female who has more respect for herself than for the other women around her.

Every man’s dream is to find that perfect lady to be by his side just like we’re shown in the movies, such as in James Bond. Do you ever see Mr. Bond hanging out with a girl that is a hooker, childish and wastes his time? No. He always goes for the classy girls that have an edge to them.

Throughout our quest for this lady, we all experience different types of women: some of a serious stature and some of an undesirable, one-night-stand stature. The dating game in life is like a tasting menu. But here are the main differences between the two that will allow you to discern the alpha woman from the girls; thus, leading you to winning the perfect woman.


The girl thinks and acts as if she is still a child, because she most likely is. A sense of urgency in life does not exist and, in her mind, life is just one big party. Drugs, alcohol, and going out is done more often than any man would want to deal with and is quite common amongst these women. And who can forget Instagram pictures of their shameful wakeup the next morning?

You can most likely find them sporting serious bruises on their knees from all of their “fun” nights. These girls act like children because they are just that – they are commonly involved in drama with their “friends” and are always worrying about all the wrong things in life, such as when Steve Aoki is coming to play in their city.

On the other side of the spectrum you have the lady which is mature, without fail. She knows the difference between right and wrong, and you can most likely never catch her doing anything that questions her integrity or her ladyhood. You will know it when you find her that she will keep you on your toes, always guessing what will happen next. Her actions will not be predicable, but you can rest assured that they won’t include her jumping up and down on the tables of her favorite club while scheming cheap liquor from a promoter.


The girl in this scenario doesn’t have much respect for herself or her body. A few cheap dinners and a few vodka red bulls will have you looking for the clinic the next morning – after all, she is that easy. Be very cautious though because some of these girls have it figured out that they can hold out longer to keep gold digging from you.

On the other side, you have the lady that most likely hasn’t slept with many men – if any at all – in her life. She will wait a pretty respectable time before she gives it up. She will expect a lot from you, but that’s because it’s a test of stature before she gives it up and it’s well worth it. You will almost never know when she is ready to give it up to you as this girl will keep you on your toes because she is much more exciting than the nympho sorority girl who you become sick of within a few short days.


The girl will be there for a short time. Her stay will not be very long, and she will be gone as soon as she finds someone who she deems “better” than you. She is there for ulterior reasons – reasons that don’t include much loyalty and trust. You can rest assured that she is cheating on you because, for these type of girls, they always have to bounce around to survive. There are only as good as their last lay and then some.

The lady will be with you no matter what. Whether you just lost everything or reached the highest point of success, she will be the Bonnie to your Clyde – by your side during any scenario. She is never the type of girl to cheat, or has her loyalty and integrity are never questioned. Loyalty is something that has been forgotten in this day and age and any girl that shows any sign of it is surely a keeper and a lady.


The girl has one constant thought on her mind, and that is her next score. The next score is the next guy she finds – which is followed by a trip to Starbucks to tell all of her friends about her wild night out. There really isn’t much ambition found in these type of girls as they are the ones that really don’t care. They waste their time with nonsense, rather than things that are valuable. They depend on men to always cover their expenses when they need be because, for some reason, they think they are deserving of it for the sex they provide.

However, the lady has vast aspirations. Think of an Ivanka Trump type of lady that has her own business and still raises a family. That is the type of girl we are talking about – the one that doesn’t depend on men and wants to make it on their own in life. A man, to them, is just someone they love, not someone they are sponsored by.


Girls are insecure children that never really feel good about themselves, that’s why they constantly need guys to chase them. In reality, they are weak and possess a broken mentality. Never date a woman of this nature as the problems it will cause you are far worse than any degree of herpes. What you need to look for is the confident woman who never worries what others think of her and is mentally prepared to face anything.

Closing thought

Why settle for a McDonald’s burger when you can go out there and find your Filet Mignon? Choose the woman over the girl.


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