Female Social Warfare

Female Social Warfare
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Women are wonderful creatures. Over the thousands of years of human social evolution, they by far surpass men in the understanding of human social dynamics. Women rely on their ability to socialize and communicate in order to excel in the rungs of society.

They can sometimes be ruthless to the opposite sex, and even to each other, because the word “Survival” is hard-wired into a woman’s genes.” They are programmed to protect their territory and destroy anyone who dares to encroach on it, similar to men, but women rarely get into physical battles; instead, they use language and fashion to destroy their rivals.

Women form cliques in order to band together and socialize, which increases their chance of advancing in society and surviving the unforgiving world of competition. Like men, women too have an alpha, who naturally becomes the leader of the clique while the others are subordinate. When two alpha females are in the same vicinity, each clique will get defensive and support their leader.

Sometimes, an all out competition can erupt, but rarely does it get physical. Their preferred methods of waging war is their slick ability to wield language into a sword, to cut deep into their enemy’s ego, and destroy self confidence.

They also employ the use of aggressive body language dominate the physical space of the area. You can easily see this come to life at any social gathering when women literally stand around and talk shit about other groups of women by mocking how they are dressed, how they act, and even what they look like. The dominate groups of females will conquer the room and place themselves in the best location to attract the alpha suitors of the venue.

When things get tough, women be cunning creatures. They will go as far as even befriending their enemies in order to infiltrate a rival social group to learn of their weaknesses. Later, they can use this information to take over the group or to destroy it, whichever suits their agenda at the time.

Some even go as far as to compete for someone else’s lover. They will pose a friend and wait until their targeted desire leaves the girl she has befriended, or in some cases, even go as far as sabotaging the relationship from within. Why do women do this? Because they always want the best of the best, because the best of the best means the highest chance of survival for them and their offspring.

Even thought today’s world isn’t as harsh and dangerous as ancient times, these genes still express themselves in their social behavior.

This is also why alpha male men are literally swamped with options. Women are programmed to seek the best suitor of any social group, and is why women are quick to leave their beta male boyfriends when they come across one. Even if it is for one night’s pleasure, she will try to obtain an alpha male just to remind her that “she still has it.”

Not all women use such evil tactics, or will do such unethical things,; some will just harmlessly flirt to get their fix, and leave it at that. But those who are deep into the social scene, and are in the rat race of popularity or approval, will resort to such deceptive techniques in order to outdo the competition at all costs.

But stealing men and trying to destroy each other is only one way women wage war on their rivals; fashion, an extension of body language, is another way to do so. When it comes to getting dolled up, if you for one second think that women buy designer clothes, purses, and shoes for men, you are sadly mistaken.

Any straight man, who is too busy focusing on more important matters, probably has no clue about half the crap women are wearing, nor does he care for it. Although women naturally get dressed to attract a male, they mostly do it to compete with other women.

A woman of high value most likely has a male suitor who provides for her, and has bought everything she is wearing. This is a direct reflection of her status. In ancient time, the alpha female in any tribe would be given the highest respect and most valuable gifts by the alpha male, who was the only person who could afford to give her such things, whereas other males didn’t have the means to.

Even an alpha male monkey will make sure that he feeds his preferred female in his harem before the others are allowed to eat. The alpha female will always be better off than any other female in the group because the alpha male makes sure she is always provided for, and every girl wants to be the alpha female, aka, a princess.

In human society,  royalty and superiority are reflected in all types of different fashion. Kings and queens always donned gold, expensive clothes, and lavish gems; generals and warriors distinguished their superiority through insignia and ranks. This ancient display of superiority is still conveyed in fashion in our world today.

If you see a woman with a HUGE engagement ring, it instantly states her fiancé is a man who makes tons of money, and can afford such luxuries. If you see a woman who is wearing expensive designer clothing head-to-toe, you would come to the same conclusion. Without knowing these women, you’d instantly assume that they probably come from money and hold a high social status. So all the fuss about wanting designer clothes and other such things are really for women to display their superiority to other women.

It’s hard to be a woman in today’s society, especially with all these impossible standards to keep up with and constant bombardment of expectancies. At the end of the day, men don’t really care for all these designer names, jewelry, and shoes.

Men care more about what you look naked than what you are wearing, so whatever brands you wear are insignificant to them. What men value above all are good genetics, a genuine connection, and the ability to mother their children; everything else is for show and means nothing in the long run.

If women focus on their external more than their internal, it will reflect negatively on their presentation of themselves. I’m not saying buying nice things is bad, or that doing so makes you a bimbo, but defining yourself by those things, will turn men off and they won’t take you seriously.

Sometimes, women go too far in trying to win in this social war that they lose themselves and their womanhood. When they become too consumed with their external presentation, they tend to lose themselves in a world of constant warfare and neediness.

They become addicted to materialism and fall into a loop of never-ending dissatisfaction with life, looking only to improve their external image and having almost no personality.

Men refer to these women as bimbos, label whores, and socialites. They are more concerned with winning a high position in the social world, gaining materialistic wealth, and inflating their egos than obtaining motherly characteristics such as selflessness, emotional stability, and responsibility.

These women spend more time learning about fruitless things than actually learning how to mother and maintain a healthy relationship or family. They are the ones who end up in fake relationships that lead nowhere, and nothing but drama comes out of these women.

Despite what women think or are told what men want, most of them, when they are ready to settle down, are looking for a woman who grew passed this social warfare phase, and expresses characteristics of a nurturing mother. A women who is too busy caring about what others think of her, outdoing her competition, and what her status is in society, would probably make a horrible mother.

At the end of the day, men too want to ensure their offspring survives, and that’s not going to happen with a selfish, insecure woman, who cares nothing other than herself, her things, and her status.

So ladies, the secret to winning a real man over and destroying all the competition at the same time is this: BE YOURSELF AND BE ABOVE IT ALL! The more genuine you are, the more likely you will find a man who will love you for you. In the end, you will be treated like a queen, and will experience the real joys of life; the things that money can’t buy: trust, loyalty, humor, and a real connection.

No woman on earth can compete with you when you wear a real smile on your face, have your arms wrapped around a real man, and are lit up like a Christmas tree. Let your competition try to outdo that!

Angelo Gage | Elite. 

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