Why You Should Never Be Captain Save-A-Hoe

Why You Should Never Be Captain Save-A-Hoe

We made it. The most grueling and terrible day of the year is finally over, and now we can revert to the manwhores and sluts we truly are. Valentine’s Day has come to a close, love has left the air and we’ve come to focus on the important things again, like casual sex. February 15th couldn’t come any sooner.

Let’s all be very honest with ourselves, we all know sex has become purely an act of  physicality. It has very much lost the emotional tradition in which it was originally rooted. Chivalry is dead, because women have killed it – and they have given us exactly what we wanted: consistent rhythm-less sex devoid of titles or effort – so how the hell could we possibly complain?

That is until we men decide to settle down and stop being such whores. It’s a natural evolution for us to want to abandon copious amounts of meaningless sex and eventually take on the title of a gentleman. If George Clooney finally settled down with Stacey Kiebler, then all of us will have to do the same one day — preferably with a girl whom we admired during our wrestling phase.

It’s quite rare to find a good girl these days – they’re like the modern day unicorns. And we men find ourselves in a complicated predicament. We want to have our cake and eat it too.

Sure it was fun to bang as many girls as possible easily and with no labels, but when we are looking for someone with whom to settle down, the majority of the women out there happen to be broken both physically and mentally. It’s like taking on someone’s old trash, after she has been through her “I’m just living life” phase.

This leaves us blind, jumping into water with no knowledge of its depth or end. Sure we meet random girls, here and there, and they may present themselves as good girls who are actually worthy, but we don’t necessarily learn the truth about them or their past until quite later on in our pursuit — and it might even be at the point of no return. Sure she may say you can’t judge her on her past, but sweetheart, I’m sorry, all of us are judging you on your past.

There is a double standard. Whereas men can do whatever they want, women have to hold themselves to a stature of being presentable and respectable. If there are guys running around out there that have stories about banging your girl in Miami a few years ago or doing molly with her and managing to bang her in a taxi, I’m sorry to break it to you, but she is a hoe and you are playing Captain Save-a-Hoe, which can be very dangerous. A spade is a spade and a hoe will always be a hoe.

The issue here is that men fall into this trap. They don’t know much about her just yet, but she passes the taste-test of being able to hold a conversation beyond “Do you come here often?” She is also attractive to the respectable Captain. Once they actually fall for them, and then they find out she is a hoe, it is at the point of no return. This is when men get really stupid and go around saying “I think I can change her.” I hate to break it to you buddy, but you will never be able to change her.

Men feel like they see a challenge when they fall for a hoe, unknowingly, and try to battle to keep their relationship alive. They’ve developed real feelings for this girl, so they become protective and don’t want anyone else touching her. It’s like a dog claiming a fire hydrant. He doesn’t want anyone else to pee on it.

And if you men have not learned this before, you will learn the hard way: women hate being controlled, they actually bug out when they feel trapped or guarded. When you try to be Captain Save-a-Hoe, you are trying forcibly to control her — which is only going to make her respond by being more of a whore.

It’s the same concept as when her parents were very strict with her and she decided to go against their will — which is probably what turned her into her current state of whore.

Men, the worst thing you can possibly do for yourselves is to be Captain Save-a-Hoe. I have many friends that constantly try and are still trying for years to save a hoe and turn a hoe into a housewife. It just doesn’t work, and you are wasting your time and energy on her. But then again, we men are stupid and we are dumb enough to think that raw sex is love.

You will never be able to save a hoe, no matter how much you try to brainwash her, or no matter how much money you decide to spend on her. So be careful, when meeting new women make sure you actually do check around and ask  about them before you get yourself into a trap and it’s too late.

Once you pass that breaking point, cuddling for more than an hour after sex, you have fallen for her — and if she is a unicorn, then good for you. But if she is a hoe, then get ready for a massive amount of headaches coming your way.

Preston Waters | Elite. 

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