Would You Date: The Australian Girl

Would You Date: The Australian Girl
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The ever stunning Australian girl is nothing short of amazing. Her sexy accent and her dainty light features – most likely including blonde hair and blue eyes – are images that will have you dreaming her of all day long. Because these women are so far away from the United States, at an almost 24-hour long flight, the grass truly is greener on their down-under side.

However, these women are a double-edged sword, a smoke-screen mirror. They can be the coolest girl you ever dated, or your worst nightmare. Nonetheless, these women are gorgeous, and are the desire of men who realize their stateside options are more akin to blasé plates than delectable meals – their American selection is about as appetizing as four Big Macs in a row with a 48oz. Coca-Cola.

Because Austrialla is a massive country, it is important to discern that women differ depending on what region of the Continent they are from. So follow your choices of women according to Elite’s list below:

From Sydney, NSW – Beautiful women, relaxed atmosphere, trendy and fashion forward. Think of LA, just further away and less pretentious.

From Melbourne, Victoria – Hot girls, but more down to Earth. They are domesticated and confident.

Surfers Paradise, Queensland – These women are amazing. They have more Arian features than most other regions, including blond hair and blue eyes. They are also the beach surf sluts. They are considered trashy by the girls from Melbourne and Sydney, but we consider them a handful of fun. For obvious reasons.

Perth – Do not even bother, no one goes to that part of Australia. It is the American equivalent of North Dakota.

From compiling the opinions of men who have been with Australian girls, it is clear that these women love to have a good time and stay away from the pop-culture drama Americans always seem to find themselves entwined in. Now that we have a clear understanding of the Australian girl, let’s go over their pro’s and con’s:

Pros –

These Australian bombshells usually boast the perfect bikini bodies with just the right amount of boobs and ass. Their blond hair, beautifully colored eyes and deep accents that you might not always understand, especially when drunk, will have you always begging for more.

These women travel in packs and tend to stick to their groups. They are extremely loyal to their friends – their actual friends, that is. This is disparate from the artificial friend culture prevalent in America. Some would say the Jewish Australian girls are some of the more family oriented, loyal and domesticated women.

Because they are so interconnected with their social group, it might be a bit difficult to find one to date. If you banged someone she knows, then your chances are shot. These women actually respect themseleves and those around them.

This is not a con though, the love that she shows to her friends will be reciprocated in your relationship with her. Just remember: be nice to her friends, it will be the easiest path to getting with her. If her friends hate you, then you are absolutely fucked.

Aussie’ girls work hard, but they play a hell of a lot harder. Simply put: you can take her home to your mother, but also have the time of your life out at the club. Perhaps a cultural gift, or maybe a genetic predisposition, these girls inherently love to party.

It is also important to remember that these women are not as slutty as their pathetic United States counterparts. They do respect themseleves and, unlike here, tend to live with their parents until the age of 24. Culture shock, we know.

They absolutely love to travel, so what could be better then having a hot girl that loves to party  as well? Maybe, nothing. They are often encountered traveling to Europe in July, for this is winter time in Australia.

Because of their profound love for partying, they will generally be the Elite life of the party when overseas. They are certainly no stranger to jumping on tables while trying to sing songs they do not know and drinking out of bottles as if they never seen them before (In Australia, bottle service and tables are a relatively new introduction to their club scene).

As mentioned before, their accent will make you melt. This is the the envy of any man that you introduce her to as your girlfriend. The sexiness factor of their speech is not to be overlooked.

Last but not least, these women are not gold-diggers by any means. The last thing they care about is money; as to them, life is about having a good time and living it to the fullest. This is great for your wallet, you can skip the Nobu tab and hit Sushi Samba instead.

If you are looking for the best lay, then you should pick the girl from Surfer’s Paradise – they are unbelievable.

Con’s –

Now, just as with everything, there is a good side and as bad side to every experience. But we assure you there are not many con’s to the Australian girl that should be considered with serious weight. Australian culture differs from the garbage that we see in the States, making us perceive these women as Earth’s blond gift to man.

At times, these girls can be clingy with their men. But this is only due to the same loyalty we saw above: they genuinely care about the people in their lives.

Do not say we did not warn you before hand, but if you are going to get her angry do it at your own risk: these girls have a bit of a temper.

Since the inhabited areas of Australia are so close to one another, if you sleep with one girl then all her connections within the same city will likely find out. So your chances with her friends are simultaneously cut off. This is a sexual death sentence; it makes it very hard to play in a field that is unwilling to pick up their friend’s sloppy seconds. Yes, Australian loyalty is a pro and a con.

Some women, espeically the Jewish women, can be extremely bitchy at times if their demands are not followed to the tee and served up on a silver platter. So you might have to deal with a bit of a drama queen at times, but we are sure an Elite man like yourself can get past this draw back.

The one unfortunate truth is that Australian women do not put out like American women do. Again, they have a tremendous amount of respect for themselves and their values. This makes it that much harder for you to pull off a one night stand; she will make you work for the golden ticket. Have a BangBros account ready, she might have you waiting for a few months.

The reason for holding out is they are concerned with their reputation, and with their future relationship. This is a weeding out process, only the best survive those months of anticipation. Australia, while a huge landmass, has a small population. Trust us, their friends will find out if you are an asshole to her. Case in point? Visit Sydney, you will not be the new guy in town for long.

Closing thought- Yes, do date the Australian girl. 


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