Would You Date: The Fashion Student

Would You Date: The Fashion Student

Coinciding with the current Fashion Week festivities, this week’s “Would You Date” will feature an analysis of the fashion student out of respect for this pointless week. One might call it a glorified Halloween for fashion. The typical fashion student is a girl between the ages of 18-22, attending the easiest possible university while complaining about having to balance a “rigorous” and “time-consuming” schedule of partying and Facebook posting.

Who wouldn’t want a young party girl that keeps up with the latest fashion trends and has no real concerns beyond frivolous decisions? The extent of her decision making is limited to deciding which nightclub she will be being promiscuous at on this fine evening or which pair of Louboutins she will be spotted in.

Disclaimer: This is only a communal opinion of a few men who are extremely experienced in dealing with New York fashion students.

Brief Overview:

Ah, the prized young fashion student. This sexy and sleek female is always impressive, possessing an abundance of style and grace as well as an attention grabbing attitude. They will be dressed to the nines, even on casual outings like attending class or going to the movies. It would seem they feel compelled to due to their fashion oriented lifestyle.

In New York, these girls attend either 1 of 3 “schools”. These schools are Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), Parsons New School and LIM. No useful technology is present at any of these schools except for Blackberrys and iPhones, so don’t be fooled by the name. Most of these girls either intern for a boutique store such as Scoop, a prominent magazine like Vogue, a PR firm or notable fashion brand.

 These girls eat, breathe, and live fashion. This is what they base their livelihood on and this helps explain why they have committed their education to it.


First and foremost, we should note how vital it is to date a fashion student between the two fashion weeks in February and September. Reason being, they are provided access to a myriad of fashion shows and events through their schools. These events are sure to be hosting an abundance of models. Why would we recommend acquiring her for this purpose? An Elite, wise man would suggest that this would be beneficial since you will be receiving positive PR from this fashion forward female. With a little finesse, this might help you upgrade to the REAL models.

These girls are extremely easy. Their level of naivety is indeed exceptional due to their young age and overeager drive to engage in New York nightlife.

These girls also love to party. You can find them out on any given night–even on the Shabbat if they are Jewish. These girls are also complete lushes when drunk. It is not uncommon to spot herds of FMM majors tripping over their Louboutin heels on the cobblestone streets of the meatpacking or at 1Oak and Lavo. Pure comedy.

They religiously imbibe libations and fortunately dance very well. You certainly know our unwritten rule by now–if she can dance well, she can give you great sex. They are extremely fun to be around on a night out, and the chances of a quickie bj in the bathroom? Highly likely, young Elite.

Another positive is these women are extremely fashionable. They are always up on the newest trends and their fashion forward mentality might even result in them setting a new trend on occasion. These girls are heavily involved with social media, so when dating one anticipate an increase in your PR. You’ll find that your girl has an endless amount of friends that are equally as easy to befriend and become acquainted with. You’re very likely to run through her friend circle, as they will be just as naive and promiscuous as her. One Elite member even experienced a threesome with 2 fashion students without hesitation from either of the females involved.

Unfortunately, these girls will give you mediocre sex. It’s not the greatest sex, but it’s certainly not worst either.  I’d peg it about at a 5–right in the middle of the scale. There are positives due to her attractive appearance, but unbearable negatives due to her relative inexperience. It’s pretty much what you personally make of the situation. If you can make up for the lack of experience, you can ensure a great time. If not, you’ll have some rhythmless harlot who’s only used to jackhammer style sex with her former prom date. Despite the fact that they’ve only deluded themselves into thinking they’re real models, most of these girls maintain a modelesque frame and remain very slender.

Of course, their shoes of choice happen to be Louboutins.


Ready to go find this young vixen? Slow down, buddy. The upcoming cons are so traumatic that you’d likely rather chew glass. First and foremost, did we mention MEDIOCRE SEX? There are only a handful of times a man can endure the hardship of mediocre, rhythmless sex until he simply tires of it. These girls are extremely skinny, so if you prefer a curvaceous body you’d best exit the page immediately. Unfortunately, they completely lack any skill in the art of fellatio.

If you cross-reference her name with some of your friends, it’s pretty likely that she has already slept with them. You’ll be in for a grueling tale about how the girl you’re seeing was such an easy conquest. Unfortunately, for those with tact, you will most likely not be the first one in your circle. If she’s with you on a Monday, chances are you’ll see her with someone else on a Tuesday. These girls are constantly looking for new men to tap for free bottles and support their dream of frequenting the New York high life.

You may also find that disconcerting amounts of drug use is fairly common in these women. Fashion girls sniff cocaine in amounts that rival the frequency and quantity of marijuana smoking of Wiz Khalifa! They are also extremely high maintenance and expect to dine at fine restaurants such as Cipriani and Mr. Chow. Yet, somehow they can’t even manage to finish their meals. We don’t find much logic in these actions either, so we understand your confusion. If she wants a present, prepare your wallet. All her desires relate to fashion, so whatever she asks for will probably be some new asinine trend or a fashion staple—like a new pair of 900-dollar Louboutins.

Since they are so “fashionable” they at times think they’re Anna Wintour and don awful fashion trends that make them appear to be complete imbeciles. Please, cease wearing all clothing with puffy shoulders or those ridiculous looking open toe shoes.

Fashion students love to gossip and do so frequently. This can be explained by their insecurity and extreme jealousy of others. Be wary of what you say or do around them.  Fashion schools don’t give real homework, so gossiping and surfing fashion blogs become the favorite pastimes of these “students”.

Closing thought: Remember, these women are just here to seeking to attain their romanticized New York dream of becoming a fashion icon. Having a long-term boyfriend is not in their agenda, so you shouldn’t pursue one of these girls with dating in mind.


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