Would You Date: The Russian Girl?

Would You Date: The Russian Girl?

Due to the success of one of our recent articles, titled “The Top 6 girls You Need To Date in 2012″, the team at Elite Daily has decided to start a weekly “Would You Date?” series. Each week, we will profile a different type of girl our team has encountered and weigh the strengths and weaknesses of each.

As a gift to our readers, I would like to bestow upon you the opportunity to avoid the mistakes I’ve made and experience my successes. Our first case is the Russian girl. I’m not here to offend anyone, but simply share my experience.

Brief Overview

The Russian girl is always on every man’s list of girls to date or, at least, bang. She just smells of sex and lust. Russian women are very promiscuous and have that sexy look that will stir up your carnal lust like no other. They are well connected to high culture and possess one of the sexiest accents on the planet.

Russian women are in-demand around the globe and are viewed as vivacious sex symbols. They are generally very beautiful women and have the flair of James Bond-status girlfriends. They have a certain air of confidence and sexual dominance that most women don’t possess.


Where would you like me to begin? Russian women are simply gorgeous and stunning. They are usually of tall stature and have long, slender legs–making her great eye candy. Their European style is impeccable, and we feel they are the best-dressed females of their class. They possess in-depth knowledge of current fashion trends and know exactly how to pull off the most stylish looks. They have a certain look in their eyes that just yells “sex”. They’re quick on their feet, extremely intelligent, as well as street savvy. They have great taste and tend to be very optimistic–always approaching life with a positive attitude.

They have this certain unique attitude to them. They can walk into a room and instantly change the energy. They are dominant and know what they want. They are the epitome of sex. These gorgeous sex kittens are great in bed and will display a side you’ve never yet encountered in bed. Safe to say, she’ll give you the ride of your life–no pun intended.

Their bodies are usually very proportional, with a curvy, yet still very slim figure. Essentially, she has all the assets you want without the extra weight that comes along with American girls. They look for gentlemen– a man who will sweep them off their feet with charm, swagger, and grace.

They love sex, so courting her to get her in bed shouldn’t be a concern. Russian women yearn for love and care and will reciprocate these feelings with equal or greater intensity. She might intimidate you at first, but there’s a kind, loving woman beneath that intimidating exterior. Trust me. These women love to have a great time as well, so you’ll have a wholesome woman that’s still down to party from time to time.


Here is where things get complicated: After reading the abundant number of pros, you’re probably sold. But don’t rush out into the streets just yet, guys. You must be wary of these cons–and, just everyone else on this planet, Russian girls have cons, too. First and foremost, Russian women can be brutal and heartless.

If they feel that the slightest aspect of the relationship is malfunctioning she will leave you in an instant.

Remember the pros listed above? Yeah, she has a plethora of other men she can see besides you. The break-up will be horrifically brutal and will leave you blindsided.  She’ll ravage your heart and rip out your entrails–leaving you cold, lonely, and regretting that you engaged her in the first place.We recall an instance when a Russian girl we knew actually completely cut her boyfriend off without a word–simply disappearing and refusing to return any of his calls. If you’re not on your A-game, these girls are heartless. You may be Elite, but she’s used to dating Elite–so you’re not that special in her eyes.

Another con is Russian women have a thoroughly developed cultural palate, meaning they’ll be high maintenance. Their affinity for fine culture influences all actions. As they love the finer things in life, they will anticipate that their relationship will have these qualities as well. They expect luxury goods, fine dining, and frequent lavishly expensive gifts (they love Hermes). Unless your finances are in check, watch your spending.

Strangely enough, these women absolutely HATE giving head. We never understood this train of thought, because they seem so open and sexual otherwise, but they are very against this act nonetheless. If you are a fan of oral, you might want to stay away as you most likely won’t receive it. She might let you give it, but that’s about as far as it will get.

Lastly, some of these females can be very bitchy, stubborn, self-motivated, and opinionated. Russian women are highly sought after and thus can turn into brutal bitches when they don’t get their way.

Closing thought:

You will fall for these women very quickly. They will tell you what you want to hear and you will be intrigued–but proceed with caution. You might just get burned.

Disclaimer: This is an OPINION, and just a PERSONAL EXPERIENCE of ONE of our team members. We obviously cannot generalize an entire ethnicity.


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