The Economics Behind Your Sex Life

The Economics Behind Your Sex Life

On far too many occasions we have heard men make the false, indignant claim, “Oh, I don’t pay for sex.” We can’t even fathom how many times we have encountered this foolish statement. We say foolish because anyone who says that line in retrospect does indeed pay for sex.

What he doesn’t is realize that what he considers to be free sex from his girlfriend is actually quite more expensive than outwardly paying for it—almost sure to destroy your balance sheet in seconds. On the other hand, an escort for the evening is a quick and easy way of pleasuring yourself and much less costly.

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This article will depict the impact that “free sex” has on your wallet as well as seek to dissolve rumors about “paid sex.” By the end of this piece, trust us, you’ll be believers as well An overwhelming majority of a male’s feelings are directly proportional to the quality of the sex he’s receiving, and you will find out below his this drains your wallet.

“Paid Sex”

First, we will begin with paid sex. What people deem to be “paid sex” essentially boils down to you obtaining an escort–aka an entrepreneur–and having her fulfill your wildest fantasies. She will be charging you a base rate for the hour, which is more than enough time to successfully sow your oats. Your expenses will range from 500 (low end, craigslist, eros) to almost 5000 (high end, porn stars, “models”), depending on what you can afford. If you go below 500, may the heavens be on your side and we hope you enjoy your venereal disease.

Whatever you do wind up paying her for your romp, it will be a one-time fee and it will be cash. This is beneficial for both parties, as there is no paper trail. Your only other expenses might be a hotel room—if you decide to get one—and liquor, which shouldn’t run you more then 100 dollars.

Outcome: You are guaranteed amazing sex due to her professional mastery of craft. She will ride you like you have never been ridden and will be fun, flirty and kinky. Any of your fantasies can come true here.

Total expensive:

Escort fee (500-5,000) + Trojan Condoms (20) + Hotel room (400) (variable) + miscellaneous fees (50)= $970-5470

That is your total cost for paid sex. Yes, it is a one-time thing, but you can call her anytime and have the same experience. She’s most likely a better bang than anyone else on your list of vixens.

“Free Sex”

This is where things get interesting. “Free sex” either consists of a long-term girlfriend, a one night stand, or a “bang buddy”, as many men would define their NSA (No Strings Attached) partners. Within each of these different categories there are heavy costs associated with the act. Most unfortunate is the end result is exactly the same with each encounter–you bust and want to fall asleep.

The one night stand:

There are heavy costs associated with a one night stand. First, you must entertain her all night, meaning your opportunity cost is all the other women in the room if she shuts you down. Drinks are not cheap at Elite venues, and one will be anticipated to provide libations as a suitor. What this man isn’t realizing is that he is covertly paying for sex with the cost of these drinks. Think about it, he’s making a short-term investment—money—to reach his long-term goal—sex. He thinks this is free sex, but in reality its “paid sex”.

The booty call:

A booty call is a one night stand that you actually still think is half cute when the lights are on. Since you know this woman, it is highly likely that you will go through the same experience as the one night stand—spending too much money.  Unfortunately, you have just paid for sex. What you have failed to account for are the hidden costs here, like small dinners and what you might spend on outings with her.

The girlfriend:

This one is the biggest wallet breaker of all. You date a girl because you find her desirable and want to have sex with her. Perhaps you actually like this girl. More power to you, Elite. You will consider this free sex, but this is actually far more expensive than having an escort. First, you have the preliminary dinner, which can cost you between 200-400$. Now multiply that first dinner by the amount of times you’re likely to have to wine and dine her in the future. In a six-month relationship, you’re looking at a rather hefty amount of money wasted. Then you have other costs, like the occasional lunch date, holidays, and birthdays–which will also cost a fortune. The biggest balance sheet crusher will be your vacations with her. Turks and Caicos for two will have your wallet trembling in fear.

At the end of the relationship, what are you left with? Incredible amount of expenses from her that far out weigh the expenses for “paid sex”, emotional feelings, and most likely a broken heart after the break up. Frankly, we feel this option isn’t that cheap either. You’ve done all of this for the same exact result you would get from an escort–busting.

We actually have more respect for escorts than regular girls who just run around banging everyone. At least they are straightforward, charge, and are business minded. With free sex, you have to go through being nice to her, caring for her, and having her almost rob you of your manhood while your simultaneously doling out all your cash.

Paid sex is frowned upon because there is a clear monetary value for what many assume to be a free service. Newsflash: our current world today is based off of services for a monetary value, and this is just another rather convenient service. “Free” sex should be frowned upon by the business minded, because in the end, it is a lot more expensive then paid sex.

When men say they “don’t pay for sex”, they are truly mistaken.

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