Why Having A Girlfriend Absolutely Sucks

Why Having A Girlfriend Absolutely Sucks
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The reason many people have a girlfriend these days is not because they actually want to be with them and enjoy being in their company.

It’s because of a few reasons, the first being insecurity and needing to have someone by their side, the other being society forcing this urge to be in a romantic relationship upon them because it is the right thing to do and the last one being the mistake of thinking that the feeling of raw sex is the feeling of love.

People always ask me why I don’t have a girlfriend and then look at me like I’m crazy when I tell them that I don’t want one. They think that having a girlfriend is helping them become a better person when it is really doing the opposite.

It is a debilitating, dehumanizing and restricting experience. When a guy gets a girlfriend it is safe to say that all his friends are going to demolish him for the next few weeks and call him a pussy or a cuffer because that is exactly what he has become.

We as men are currently in our prime right now, so why the hell should we waste our sexual peak on only one girl? If anything, women should be seen as selfish for even demanding such loyalty and they should just be happy we are willing to give them the D in the first place.

The male race made a big mistake when we made it too obvious to women that they have something we need to get through life. If they didn’t know how valuable sex was to us, they would be giving it out without the headaches it comes with now.

That headache is of course being forced into a relationship. I don’t think I have ever come across a man between the ages of 18-35 who has had little to no difficulty staying faithful in a long-term relationship. Why? Because having a girlfriend absolutely sucks.

Girlfriends Really Do Suck

As we all know after the first few months or even weeks, the honeymoon is over and it’s all downhill from there. She basically starts treating you two as if you were here husband. The nagging, whining and pointless fighting begins and along comes the misery of having to deal with someone on their period, which is by no exaggeration a living hell.

That whole blowjobs while she has her period thing only lasts for the first month at most. What was fun for a short while instantly becomes annoying, manipulative and very, very expensive.

The Opportunity Cost

In economics, the opportunity cost is what you are missing out on if you make a certain decision. It is the revenue and the chances of getting something that you lose by choosing one thing over another.  Do you know how many women you are missing out on by limiting yourself down to one girl?

Tons of sex, beautiful women and one night stands  all go out the window when you agree to be someone’s boyfriend. The risk of being single does have a larger reward and by missing out on all the sex you could have a single man, you lose your swagger and your ability to pick up women after she breaks your little heart or catches you cheating.

They Are Too Controlling

Women are a naturally controlling species. We as men love to be free and be allowed to do whatever we want. The last thing we want to do is have dinner with our girlfriends’ parents’ and talk about nothing all night. They are going to try to control our lives and point us in directions we don’t want to go.

They are going to tell us we can’t talk to any other girls or look at any other girls. They will even go as far as deleting women from our Facebook friends. This is not something that us men should ever stand for.

Your Head Will Be In The Clouds

If you are reading this you are most likely in your 20s or early 30s, and those are points in your life when you need to be as focused as ever and work towards your goals so that the rest of your life can play out the way you’ve always wanted it to.

Having a girlfriend means you can’t give 100% of your concentration on work. It distracts you from what you are trying to accomplish and makes you comfortable with the mediocre state your life is in. This is what leads to the American dream:  2 kids, a one family house, all-inclusive vacations and the only excitement you truly get is when Homeland has another season.

That is not the life you or any man wants, but when you have a girlfriend you are so distracted by the mess you’ve gotten yourself into that you can’t remember how you got there or how to escape and before you know it, you’re already doomed.

They Can’t Be trusted

As the good old fashioned saying goes, don’t ever trust anyone with tits and emotions. Women can and will be the reason of your demise. Their emotions allow them to act irrationally and without logic or sense.  When you trust them with your heart they will cheat, when you trust them with money they will steal and when you trust them with your life they will ruin it just to amuse their drama-hungry brains.

They Are Boring

We as men have terrible attention spans. When I was dating a girl for more than a year anytime we would hang out I would get bored within 15 minutes or right after I busted. The sex gets boring, the conversations get boring and her nagging and crying gets boring. The last thing we want to hear come out of her mouth is how much she hates her best friend.

Closing thought-

Girlfriends are stressful and they are not conducive to us living the life that is most beneficial at this point in time.

They are expensive and they have no ROI as when you break up with them the chances of you getting back any jewelry you gave her are slim to none. And you can’t refund those expensive dinners because you just had to show off the fine taste you have. Grow a dick and be a bachelor.

Preston Waters | Elite. 

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