The Best Locations To Find A Good Girl

The Best Locations To Find A Good Girl

Do you believe in love at first sight? Surely, we have all fallen victim to being the love struck Casanova on numerous occasions upon entering a club. Highly inebriated, over confident in our dance moves, and sweating profusely, we’ve experienced that moment that you gaze upon the perfect partner.

This encounter is followed shortly after by that blissful moment when you’ve locked eyes and managed to elicit a smile from this beautiful stranger.

For the overwhelming majority of encounters we’ll have in life, this 60-120 second period of mystery and wonder will be the most glorious moment of the entire frivolous relationship. Yes, this is the moment before you sloppily stumble over to her only to babble a series of incoherent lines you foolishly deem “game”—coming shortly before your transient fling ends with her ultimately sleeping with your comrades. We advise you to be prudent instead of hastily engaging in lust-driven relations.

You, my friend, are in the lions den. You’re seeking to satisfy your carnal urges with what we would deem a “less than wholesome” woman, to put it nicely. We understand your thought pattern, but let us assure you–no matter how well she can sway her hips to Avicii in 6” heels on an elevated surface, she’s nothing but trouble in the long term. It is illogical to force yourself to endure significant hardships for short-term pleasure. These harlots must be avoided at all costs.

One should not aim to garner the attention of beautiful women solely for the purpose of deriving pleasure. After the act, you will find that the entire encounter was superficial and be scrambling to coax her out of your apartment. Is the glorified one night stand truly what we should strive for? We would argue that one would much greater satisfaction and fulfillment with a long-term relationship.

In the aim facilitating the process of finding a lover with substance, here are some of the best locations to scout your new beau:

Happy Hour

Everyone isn’t equipped with the skills to be socially adept, and if you require a drink to relax we recommend happy hour over the club.

There was a point in our social lives where would loathe “happy hour”. We were bedazzled by the New York nightlife, lavishly spending our hard earned wages at Lavo, Provocateur, and 1Oak. Unaware of what hidden gems frequent these relaxed social settings, we dismissed it as an opportunity for the pedestrian beer lover to reach inebriation on a budget. What an erroneous judgment on our behalf. As we have come to recognize, the happy hour setting is where you’ll encounter the beautiful professional women. And when we say professional, we certainly aren’t referring “models, promoters, and socialites” that are out until 5AM every morning.

Nothing is sexier than a professional woman. Business attire speaks volumes: educated, hard working, determined, and due to the social setting –fun. She will be interested in you for reasons beyond you superficial qualities, and due to her stable career she will be uninterested in your wealth. Further, the sex will be utterly amazing because women in this age group are completely comfortable with themselves.

Don’t jump so fast just yet. The types of women you’ll encounter during happy hour are an eclectic mix. It is imperative to be tactical when designating your bar of choice. We suggest you aim for financial districts and corporate areas—being sure to avoid any area you’re likely to encounter university students. Look, you can find yourself a drunken floozy on any given night out. Our goal here is to find you a good girl–an actual lady.

The Dog Park

If you are single and don’t have a puppy or dog yet, please exit the browser and proceed to your nearest dog store. It’s a fact that having the affection of man’s best friend waiting at home for you leads to a happier lifestyle. In addition, it’s also fact that women absolutely adore puppies. This is a win-win situation for everyone!

Once you acquire your new pup, you’ll find that the Dog Park provides a very unique setting in which you can connect with some great people who all share the same love and affection for canines. This provides a reliable conversation focus a topic you can instantly bond over with your potential beau. Your four-legged friend will serve as a barrier breaker for you and the woman of your choice. It will not take much effort to ease into conversation leading to potential dates in the future.

The dog park also provides a casual environment in which you can converse with women in a very natural state. Women aren’t strutting around 6” stilettos and donning fake eyelashes, men aren’t flashing diamond-encrusted watches, and it is nearly impossible to hide the undying affection that you all share for your pets.

Hot Yoga Classes

We find few activities as visually stimulating and appealing as practicing yoga in a room filled with sensuous women. For 75 minutes you are locked in a room with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees and surrounded by gorgeous, fit women. Before all you macho men sound off with your preconceived notions of yoga being for women, we must warn you that yoga requires strength, dexterity, and endurance that even you might not possess.

The euphoria experienced after completing a class is shared amongst all participants—leaving the entire group connected to an extent unparalleled by any rivaling fitness activity. Don’t worry about being the only guy in the class. This can be used to your advantage, leaving you alone in a room with a plethora of enticing females. At each meeting you will be greeted by a crowd of fit women in tank tops and spandex to “keep you focused on your third eye”. Nonetheless, we would encourage you to bring a friend to encourage you to endure the session.

Fair warning—the team at Elite Daily comes from a very athletic background. From collegiate sports to fight sports, we’ve experienced some grueling training to attain Elite fitness. None of these experiences adequately prepared us for the unbelievable endurance needed for hot yoga. At times during our first sessions we were positive that we had transcended our bodies—a near death experience, in colloquial terms. Few words could truly describe the experience, but we invite you all to try it. We’ve actually become quite fond of it and the ladies we’ve managed to court in these classes are invaluable.

Charity / Outreach

The Elite individual should be more than willing to commit to a few outreach programs every month. By now we all know that to be a well rounded, upstanding citizen you must engage in activities beyond selfish indulgence in your wealth through shopping and Philippe Chow. What better way to acknowledge your duty to create positive change in the world than to aid someone in need? Not only will this make you an upstanding gentleman, but you will also meet some amazing fellow philanthropists along the way.

This setting tells you a lot about any potential women you may encounter. Any women you meet here will share the same commitment to justice we hope you have and share a concern for the well being of humanity. Your attendance of a charity event also speaks volumes of your character. Your outward expression of goodwill towards mankind will break down any barriers a woman may have and highly impress her.

We suggest working with community outreach programs that deal with children or soup kitchens. These environments are highly social and the least intimidating. Integrating such activities into your busy schedule is beneficial to your own well being and that of others. Not to mention that you’ll meet women who are able to escape the clutches of the superficial materialism grasping this city.

To find the right ladies, we must search in the right places, at the right time. Any women you’ll meet between the hours of 3:00-6:00AM isn’t what we’re looking for these days. We have been doing all we can to make sure you don’t fall victim to the trap!


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