How To Lose A Girl In 10 Days

How To Lose A Girl In 10 Days
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Girls are like buses: when one leaves another one is about to pull up shortly. They’re constantly there and always want to take you on rides — just like a bicycle. They’re here for our disposal and, thankfully, because the double standard exists, men are praised for the more women we sleep with. The concept is simple: the more the merrier — and ain’t no booty like new booty.

There’s a certain excitement in discovering a new female. Sure, many men may claim that all girls are the same, but if that were true, how would you explain the awesome BJs that Midwestern white girls give or the fact that Spanish girls give you the best sex of your life.

For men, it’s all about moving quickly and in silence. It’s about flying under the radar, banging as many women as possible — and bragging about it to all of our friends afterwards, because I assure you that guys talk a lot more than girls do.

For men, it’s all about capitalizing on our prime (which is all of our 20s and early 30s.) It’s the prime for our looks, swagger and sex game. So why should we let our prime go to waste on just one female that we decide to date because she traps us, who we will end up breaking up with a year later. It’s a waste of time when it’s so evident that it’s coming – there’s no reason for us to waste our valuable time.

And so, because women were blessed with the movie “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days,” which has turned most of them into sluts because they watched it at such a young age, I propose the adverse concept: How to Lose a Girl in 10 Days, so that you can constantly keep moving onto the next one and never fall for that bullshit and very expensive trap called “love.”

It’s all about speed, gentlemen, and the faster we move with our women, the more new women we can attain – it’s simple math. When one number is carried over, you simply move on to the next. Some may call this misogynistic, but we just call it exploring.

You must understand, when we were kids we didn’t just play with the same video game or toy our whole childhood. We had to have it all: from the super soaker, to the Nerf gun, to every single possible Mario game. That’s the way we see women — and it’s safe to call Italian women our current super soakers, if you are catching my drift.

To lose a girl in 10 days is quite simple, it all comes down to execution and how direct you are. And of course we mean 10 days after you have finally banged them. Some girls may take an hour to bang, others may take three days, or for some it’s just a nice dinner at a restaurant to which she’s never been. Whatever the case, the rule of thumb is that after the first five bangs, you are most likely already bored. It’s not like she just reinvented head over there.

This 10 days concept is not because we guys are scumbags; we’re just instituting a safety net to aid in not falling into the deadliest trap in the world: believing we’re in love. I set the limit at 10 days, because it marks the point in time where the cuddling after sex occurs, when she starts to open up and get comfortable. It’s a better policy to avoid it so you can pull the George Clooney until you’re 35, and settle down with an 18 year old then.

Whichever connotation the term “settling down” will have then is still yet to be determined given the changing dynamics of romantic relationships – but yes, it is funny (if alarming) that our future wives are in kindergarten now.

The trick to successful execution is simple honesty. It’s in being purely straightforward and direct about your intentions from the sexual relationships you manifest. This way she can never hold any grudge over your head – because karma is scary.

So make it clear, in the very beginning, that you’re not looking to be her friend or aren’t searching for anything long-term – state that you are looking for casual sex. She’s most likely to be looking for the same thing and is in her “I’m just living life” phase, which is the easiest to capitalize on. It’s the mature way of saying “YOLO.”

The next step is to court her simply to impress her and not make her feel like a total slut for letting you into her pants too quickly. Here’s where it’s easy to go wrong, so be careful. Don’t go above and beyond in this stage or she might realize her ambitions to trap you into something far from casual.

It’s imperative to keep it extremely simple if you want to lose her in 10 days. Don’t go for overdone dinners, keep the conversation very simple and don’t touch the surface of anything serious. The last thing you want to do is get to know each other.

It’s all about charm at this point, making her laugh when she needs to and making sure her vodka soda is constantly refilled. Depending on what type of smut she is, she may give it up rather quickly. So now comes the grace period after sex, from day 1 to day 10.

Now many of you might jump in here and say, “Why lose her in 10 days, isn’t it great to have a booty call around?” Sure, it’s great, but you are forgetting one minor detail: women can’t have unemotional sex. The longer you keep them around, the more clingy they will get, and the harder it will be to shake them off.

It’s always easier to move on to new girls when you have nothing and no one holding you back. If you do keep her beyond the 10-day grace period, and you continue to make her a booty call, she will tell all her friends that you guys are basically together, but have no labels on it. Be careful, gents.

Now you are at the breaking point. It’s essential never to be too nice and never to open up — because when you give them an inch, they will take a mile. Let this be a short fling, but something she remembers for a long time. Give her great rough sex, but never make love — and don’t look her in the eyes while you are banging her. That’s telling her you are way too into her.

After sex, make it look like you are really busy and she has to leave, don’t ever cuddle. Throughout these 10 days, you guys will realistically see each other five times, or even four on the low end. That should give you plenty of good bangs to get it out of your system and be sick of it already.

After the first time she gives it up, it’s important not to take her on anything else that she would consider a date. Just keep inviting her over and let it be known that she is there for one thing and one thing only. If she’s hungry, order from the sushi spot around the corner: brown rice with avocado and a diet coke – that’s as far as it goes.

Arriving at the conclusion of the 10th day, the last time you see her, it’s time to tell her that things are getting crazy with work. Over the next few days, she will probably try to get in touch with you — and that’s when you go cold turkey.

Don’t even think of answering it. Eventually she’ll get the message that this fling ended just as fast as it started, but how can she be mad when you made it very clear from the beginning that you weren’t there for the long haul?

And like the king Hov has said before, “It’s on to the next one.” We men love to hunt and women are our prey. Being on this 10-day cycle keeps us motivated and never feeling comfortable — which carries over to other aspects of our lives, enhancing our performance. Do not fall for the trap, I have seen a one-night stand turned into a miserable 2-year girlfriend. It’s just not worth it.

Preston Waters | Elite. 

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