The Truth Behind Womanizers

The Truth Behind Womanizers

Men: we love sex, we love to watch football, we love to be lazy, and most of all, we love sex. Yes, we love it so much, we had to mention it twice. We’re nymphos. And we’re about as likely to keep it in our pants as Paris Hilton settling down for a white picket fence.  It’s because men operate with two heads, and we make decisions from the seat of our pants.

Sex is amazing. We love the pleasure, the exploration, new women and new booty. Ain’t no booty like new booty and ain’t no bootys like two bootys. That’s what we call a party. Some people (read: women) are shocked by our libidinal savagery and can’t quite grasp why we’re womanizers.

Fidelity is an archaic construct, rooted in high-strung moralizations of basic urges. The idea of staying faithful to a woman for the entirety of our lives is incomprehensible. We are manwhores, we are womanizers, we love it and we are damn sure proud to admit it.

We will cheat at any chance we get. We will check out a younger, hotter, tighter girl walking by, and we will try to hit on her — even on our wedding day. Our second brain dictates our actions because it derives gratification for the one up top. It delivers the pleasure it’s craving: that being brutal, hardcore sex with a girl that was playing hard to get. That’s a victory to us.

Women look at this with disgust, unaware that they are part of the problem. They wonder why the hell men are so evil and why they can’t keep it in their pants for longer than an hour. But there are reasons why men are this way, and I’m here to translate the gender divide.

The First Break-Up

Adolescence for a boy isn’t saturated with unrealistic romances perpetuated by film. We weren’t spoon fed tales of Prince Charming. We watched porn. And our first girlfriend was the recipient of our raw sexual frustrations. The problem is that we’re dumb enough to mistake lust and genuine feeling. Chances are our first “love” was just our first shot at raw sex. It just felt so good and we were naïve enough to believe it could never be better.

Of course, all great things must come to an end. And this girl is the one that got away: our hearts were broken and our dicks were crying. Spurred by anger and sadness, we vowed never to make ourselves vulnerable again. Consequently, we’ve become vicious assholes looking to inflict pain upon as many women as possible, by fucking them and then fucking them over. Yes, we’re that retarded, but I just call us the male species.


Being a mawhore is written in our genetic code. Monogamy is a relatively recent construct, puritanically determining the boundaries of relationships and condemning adultery. It leaves us pigeonholed in the belief that we’re meant to be with only one other person. And after three weeks of marriage or two years of dating a girl, we’re bored of the same old booty.

If you observe recent history, a man was not only entitled to concubines, but, if his wealth provided, could have four to six wives. The more women you had, the power you had. Women were sexual objects then and gave it to us when we demanded it. King Solomon, known for his wisdom, banged 250 women in just one trip to Ethiopia – thus creating the black Jews. Polygamy was the rule of thumb, but it has since been stripped from us.

But social intervention hasn’t altered our DNA, and having a multitude of women at our disposal is a genetic necessitation. Our ancestors we’re doing, and they didn’t even have Facebook!

Our Friends

Take any group of guys. We’re the pack mentality. We’re misogynistic and have massive egos. We tease one another and compete amongst ourselves to see who can sleep with the most women. The guy who’s winning has the power.

He’s the alpha, and that is instinctually how we measure ourselves. We’re teased when we have girlfriends and are encouraged to cheat in order to fit in. It feels kind of shitty when all your friends are talking about the new girls they’re banging and you tell them about the same girl you have been dating for two years.

The Challenge And Being On The Prowl

Men have an incredible predilection for distraction. We’re the ADD generation. We get bored easily, and that translates to women. It’s like being a kid all over again, did you play with the same toy everyday or did you want a new one every week?

That mindset has carried over into our adult lives. We love challenges; we love new things like sneakers and different women. We love being on the prowl, the chase and the hunt for something new. It excites us and keeps us enticed. The grass is always greener on the other side.


Just like the Disney movies gave women a misconception of love, porn deceived us about how women are in bed. Girls don’t fuck like porn stars, because they are simply not porn stars. But we’re constantly yearning for the sex that we see on the Internet, so we will always look for the girl that will let us tie her up and make us the pool boy in role-play.

The Numbers Game

At the end of the day, it is a numbers game: a body count. It’s like a rule of thumb for men that we must hit 100 women before we turn 30, for pure competition. Not being able to do so makes us weak in society.


Lastly, it comes down to self-control. No matter how great the girl we are seeing is, no matter how good of a girl she is, and how long we plan on staying with her, we have no self-control whatsoever. Our minds shut off soon as we see a hot girl walk by.

Closing thought:

So there you have it, men are complex beings after all. We have reasons for being womanizers and manwhores, we’re not just assholes. Sure you can still call us scumbags for it, but we are who we are, and the lack of a girl code makes women a part of it too.

Preston Waters | Elite. 

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