Why Men Only See Women As Commodities

Why Men Only See Women As Commodities
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How deeply can any one of us really connect with another person? The only way one person can connect with another is on an emotional level. While women tend to have stronger, more complex emotional experiences, men tend to soak their feet at the shallow end of the “feelings” pool. So the better question is: How deeply can a man really connect with another person?

I feel that we all know that most relationships between men don’t go much deeper than the occasional brotherly hug- only on holidays and special occasions, and only when no one is looking. So let’s instead take a look at the only relationships that we actually care about: the relationships that men have with women.

A relationship is a complex, delicate creature. It’s two people (unless you’re into that whole love triangle thing) with separate wants and needs- with two opposing egos. The human ego, although arguably not our entire person, is the strongest and most needy part of our being.

The ego is what fuels our decisions; it’s what sets our self-personal value. One of the most prominent distinctions between males and females, historically, has always been the size of each respective ego. Let’s face it ladies- your egos just can’t compare to ours.

Sure, yours keeps your hair did and your life somewhat organized, but ours makes us think that we can take over the world. If you feel that you have just been insulted, get over it. Having an ego like ours is just as much of a curse as it is a gift.

Yes, thanks to our egos us men tend to be more driven, more confident, and cockier; we just don’t think that we can fail. We, of course, are gravely mistaken. But the fact of the matter is that our egos make us feel almost invincible. And other than that, they make us egocentric.

Because we think so highly of ourselves, we tend to focus only on ourselves. While women will gladly shift their focus to their partner whom they are in love with, men will only see their partner as an addition to their lives. Women see their lovers as part of their lives- part of them and who they are.

Men see women as commodities. We either want the hottest, newest model that we can get our hands on, or we are collectors of sorts and want to get into a new pair whenever the opportunity presents itself. For men, women provide a service- the main one being sex.

Others include cooking… and cleaning… and I’m just joshing. But in all seriousness, people in a relationship really only provide each other a service. Taking emotions out of the equation, you like your boo for whatever he or she does for you- or to you, wink wink. The way your love talks to you, the way they touch you, treat you, do things with you, turn you on and fuck you- all of these things are part of the service that they provide you.

Now throw love and all the other emotions back into the mix and you have a meaningful relationship. So if a relationship is the service that you provide each other, along with the emotions that you feel towards that person- keeping in mind that while women are capable of experiencing intense and varied emotions, men’s emotions tend to stay at the minimal level of the emotional spectrum- it should be no surprise that a woman can truly connect with a man, but a man just wants to get some head.

We want sex and money- riches and bitches. We want to be successful, passionate, driven, motivated, talented, wealthy, known men. We don’t just want to have our cake and eat it- we want the whole damn bakery. We want it all. Then, one day if all goes well, we will wake up and realize that we can’t have it all.

We will come to the conclusion that we are only allotted a certain amount of time on this planet and that we cannot possibly have it all- there’s just too much. Then we will be forced to make a decision. Will we continue on our pursuit for greatness and fame?

Or will we stop being so selfish and try to share our life with someone special? Or are you as stubborn as myself and risk your sanity by trying to snatch that bakery? Screw it. You only live once. Pick a number and spin the wheel.

Paul Hudson | Elite. 

For more from Paul, follow him on Twitter @MrPaulHudson 

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