The Perks & Benefits of Being a Woman

The Perks & Benefits of Being a Woman
Impressing women is a nonstop uphill battle for all men. If there is one thing men will always remain ignorant of, it is the psychology behind a woman’s true intentions. Men go to excessive and extremely expensive lengths to impress a woman and influence her emotions. Unsurprisingly, nearly every facet of a man’s life is at some level influenced by our drive for female companionship.


From a very young age, most boys possess an irresistible interest in women. It’s generally right around the time that a young lad develops the leg strength to walk that he begins chasing after women. Everything about a man’s life is somehow related to his quest to acquire fine women. From the way a man presents himself, to the cars he drives, and the restaurants he dines at, this is all a direct reflection of the type of women he trying to attract. Just as a woman might wear excessive make up and 6 inch Louboutins, a man also projects an enhanced version of himself to court a new potential lover.

Free sex is the most expensive sex. Now, by no means are we advocating that we all reach out to our nearest madam and request the leggiest blonde from Kiev, UK. That is both illegal and dirty, and we certainly wouldn’t do that. However, before you spout off retorts based in your preconceived notions about paying for sex, men must recognize that they are already paying extensively for the women they love. Life is a game of power moves, and although rare it is very true that some people play the relationship game just to reap the ultimate rewards. Life is chess, not checkers, and we cannot let any of our dear Elite forget that.  These are the 4 levels of love that will always end up costing you financially:

The Courtship Phase – Drinks & Dinner Courtship oftentimes begins with drinks and dinner, during which you will never permit your date to pay for the bill regardless how much she may plead. This is only right and any true gentleman should have absolutely no issue with that. Further, this shouldn’t be an issue of concern for the Elite as we do not mind spending a nominal fee for great company and conversation with a beautiful young lady. Surely you will overshoot yourself by hitting Nobu, Daniels and Le Cirque on your first dates, thereby setting the standard and overall expenditures way higher than necessary.

The Nurturing Romantic – Shopping, Private Flights & Vacations Once the spark of a budding romance grown the Elite alpha male may deem it appropriate to grab the relationship at the helm and take complete control. By attempting to provide as much as possible for the love of his life there will be many unnecessary expenditures. Not all her lingerie has to be La Perla, not all of her flights must depart out of Teterboro, and your romantic “quick getaway” destination does not always have to be Monaco. However, once again out of the kindness out of your heart and ego, you’ve tried to shower your lover with the best of the best.

The Last Woman You’ll Ever Need – Engagement & Wedding After years of watching clichéd romantic comedies with the girlfriend, even the most Elite males might fall susceptible to the gypsy propaganda known as marriage. You will undoubtedly make the most excessive and most expensive purchases of your life for the engagement and wedding festivities. Everything from the engagement ring to that Vera Wang wedding dress she wants must be taken into account. This step will be a hefty financial burden.

The Divorce (with no prenuptial) With many tears shed during the engagement, it is more likely than not that the love of your life convinced you to not sign a prenuptial. This will prove to be the costliest of mistakes during this entire debauched scenario. You will be paying up half for the rest of all eternity. Congratulations, you picked a winner.


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