How To Be The Quintessential Casanova

How To Be The Quintessential Casanova
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I cannot say this with more vigor: Giacomo Casanova, better known as simply Casanova, is the man; not a man — but THE man. Casanova gets a poor rep; mostly everyone associates the name, which has now become a part of our common language, as referring to a person that is a player, a pimp, a womanizer. The truth is that that is exactly what Casanova was.

He literally was a pimp and a con man — as well as a lawyer, a clergyman, military officer, businessman, diplomat, spy, medic, mathematician, philosopher, writer and dancer. The man did it all. But his main focus was women. Man did he love the puss.

The man lost his virginity in a threesome — what else need be said? Sure, he believed women to be incapable of accomplishing that which men are able of accomplishing and yes: by definition he is a womanizer, sleeping with more than a bucketful of ladies.

Keep in mind, though, that during his time, the views he held were commonplace. This may not make his views correct, but we are partially a product of our circumstances, so if you’re going to hate on him, don’t hate him for his relationship with women.

As far as I can see, he treated women rather respectfully — more so than many of his contemporaries. There is much a man can learn from Casanova’s game; he had a thing for elaborate love affairs. When I say elaborate, I mean elaborate. But not to worry — I am about to break it down for you, act by act — yes, he literally has it broken down by acts — so that you can be the Casanova of your own world.

Act I: Find a gorgeous woman with a jealous and brutish lover.

The first part is simple and self-explanatory: find a woman that you find attractive. I am sure that each and every one of you scoundrels has a familiar hunting ground where you find your favorite specimens. The next part, is a bit more complicated and crucial.

During Casanova’s time, going to the theater was the way to socialize. It wasn’t like going to the movies like we do today, it was seen as an event, an entire production. People loved plays for the timeless love-story found in them. No story is a story without an antagonist.

For this reason you need to find a woman with a boyfriend or lover that is brutish — dumb, angry, violent, a man that does not love or respect his woman, a man that is unworthy of his woman.

Casanova wasn’t trying to simply get laid — he was aiming at living a life of romance over and over again, albeit short ones. Casanova is famous for his methods of seduction because what he would get from women is more than just their bodies, he would get them wholly.

Act II and III: Get her to understand the shitty situation she is in, allow her to show her gratitude and seduce her.

This is where Casanova’s genius comes into clear perspective. He wouldn’t find a woman and trick her into believing some fallacy in order to get into her pants, or I guess corsets — as was fashionable during the time.

Casanova would find a woman that was in a shitty situation and use it to his advantage. This may seem like a dick move, but it is a hell of a lot more gentlemanly than the late-night drunken pickups our generation so greatly utilizes.

Casanova at least has the decency to find a way that he and his target can mutually benefit from an arrangement. He’ll find a beautiful woman suffering from the company of a douchebag, sit down with her and point out the fact that she has more worth in her finger than her boyfriend has in his whole being, convince her to free herself from her self-imposed prison and reap the rewards. F*cking genius.

The woman is happier for getting off a road leading to despair and he gets his sensual satisfaction — not to mention the woman most definitely enjoyed the gratitude giving herself; Casanova was a very skilled lover.

Act IV: When you get bored, make your unworthiness known, find her a more suitable suitor and bounce.

This is the most important part of the entire production: the exit strategy. Whether or not the woman knows it, you are only in this for the physical pleasure. For the time being she still sees you as a rebound, but if you hang around for too long she will develop feelings.

So what does Casanova do? He tells her the truth; he tells her that he is not the man that she wants — because he is not — he tells her that he is unworthy of her love — which he is — and he does the decent thing and hooks her up with a guy that is looking for something more serious. And then he runs off and finds himself a new play to write. Exit stage left.

Finishing up the affair in such a way will leave both you and your part-time lover with your decency intact. You both had some fun, shared in some bliss — maybe even got a bit kinky — and then parted ways amicably. If there is a better way to end things, I have yet to come across it. Casanova would run this game over and over and over again. He was the Casanova of Casanovas.

You may not be able to keep up to par, but incorporating some of his tactics into your game will most definitely benefit you. As well as benefit the woman stuck with a schmuck in need of good, rough, uncensored coitus and mind-blowing orgasmic bliss. Win win.

Paul Hudson | Elite. 

For more from Paul, follow him on Twitter @MrPaulHudson 

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Paul Hudson

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