Signs That She Wants The D

Signs That She Wants The D
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It’s extremely hard for most men to read women because all women are different. One woman’s flirty suggestions may be another woman’s normal behavior. This is how many men end up thinking a woman wants to sleep with him and end up getting bitch slapped in the process.

So, what’s a guy to do? How can you tell if a woman is giving you the green light to do the horizontal tango? Woman constantly give off signals that most men are surprisingly unaware of.

Even though many indications differ from woman to woman, there are universal signs that we will expose you to so that you never miss another opportunity. Elite Daily is here to provide you with the tell tale signs that the woman that you’re with wants the D:

She says “you can do better”

Let me paint you a little picture; you’re in a club and you’re chatting up a woman. You’re using all your best cheesy lines praying that they will work, and you’ll get lucky. Then, out of nowhere God gives you an early birthday gift when the girl who walks up behind you as you’re talking to someone else and whispers “You can do better”.

Translation: “You can do me”. This girl most certainly reeks of desperation and daddy issues. Generally women that are this forward, spend a lot of time standing backwards… if you know what I mean.

If she’s the bridesmaid at a wedding

Out of all the situations you will encounter in which you try to pick up women, this one may be your easiest lay. At a wedding it’s important to distinguish the single bridesmaid immediately, just like your first day in jail when you’re trying to identify who’s most likely to fuck you.

Let’s examine the facts: her best friend is getting married, she’s not, there’s open bar. There truly is no better recipe for a one night stand. The highest sense of vulnerability will probably be right after the ceremony when she’s three drinks in and thinks the only solution to her problems is to have sex with a man who can possibly turn out to be the one. Here’s hoping…

Sticks around after the drink

Yes, she may just want to be nice and talk to you for a few minutes after you’ve bought her a drink. However, there are plenty excuses for her to grab her drink and leave; included but not limited to: “I have to go find my friend”, “Excuse me, I need to use to use the restroom”, or “I don’t feel well… bye”.

So, if she doesn’t use any of these exit strategies this may indicate that she’s intrigued by you and may eventually want to get to know your D.

If she touches you for any reason more than once

Body language speaks volumes – it goes way beyond a little giggle that you get for a bad joke. There are two types of body language: the kind she projects directly onto you, and the kind she subtly engages in to make your D stand at attention.

If she “casually” strokes your arm, or “accidently” brushes up against your leg, this is a direct plea for the D. Subtle movements such as hair tossing, pretending she’s cold and rubbing her shoulders, and other things of this nature suggest that you may have to work for the P, but eventually you’ll get it.

Leans in to talk

Unless this girl is hard of hearing, there’s probably no reason for her to lean into you to hear what you’re saying. Women who want it rarely care about personal space.

When she leans in to talk to you, this gives you an opportunity to smell her perfume, or touch her hair; all the things women think seduce men. So, if you are ever in this situation, congratulations on behalf of everyone from Elite Daily because you’re about to get laid.

Gives you a mental image

This may be the biggest giveaway of the article. If you’re texting back and forth and you ask her a nonchalant “What’s up?” and she responses with a “Just got out of the shower” my advice is for you to hop in your car and go to her house because she’s probably waiting for you… spread eagle.

Any time a woman tells you that she’s doing anything involving her being naked, it is more often than not, a way to give you a visual. Also, texts such as “Nothing much, just doing yoga” or anything that indicates her flexibility in bed is a flashing green light.

She offers you gum

Nobody randomly offers people gum unless you have some sort of chronic issue (in which case stop reading this article and go handle that). Anyway, if you’re driving home from a date and the girl you are with whips out a pack of gum and offers you a piece, chances are that she may invite you in for a “cup of coffee”.


I feel semi-obligated to give all the men reading this a fair warning: even though everything I have listed above is true, these things vary from woman to woman. So, before jumping on her like white on rice, feel the situation out, and try to keep this list in mind.

Thank me later.

Gayana Sarkisova | Elite.

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Gayana Sarkisova

A 20-something New Yorker who loves all black everything, sunglasses and the occasional glass (read: bottle) of wine. Has a bunch of fancy degrees from a bunch of fancy schools that she'll never use because it's a bloggers world and everyone else just lives in it. Self-proclaimed steak aficionado, chick flick enthusiast, advice giver and sarcastic commentator.

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