The Single Driving Force That Motivates A Man

The Single Driving Force That Motivates A Man
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After some in depth research and some philosophical insights from a great mentor of ours, we have felt that we have truly found the driving forces behind every man’s actions. There have been many different speculations in the past as to what the true motive for each action is, but these speculations fail to keep in mind that a man’s mind is very simple.

A woman’s mind is plagued with tragic dilemmas, serious worries, and various amounts of troubles thoughts whereas a mans mind is a lot more simplified. A man loves competition and loves the nature of life. The biggest game known to mankind is the chase for women. The driving force behind almost 90% of every man’s actions is sex. Yes, we said it; women and sex are the drives for most of the actions a man does.

Indeed there are actions that are motivated by money, status, social class, ambition, vengeance, hate and more, but those are just purely contributing factors to the bigger goal at hand–that being women and sex. Tony Montana from Scarface once said, “First you get the money, then you get the power and then you get the women”. This was one of the most revered and historical lines from the classic movie. Almost every man has seen this movie and heard of this line. If you haven’t shame on you.

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Tony Montana was indeed correct. As a man carries out through his life he will strive for money, success and power. The major picture at hand and the end goal of all that hard work is of course sex. Look at how much a man goes through to get with a female they want. They make sure they’er groomed, they make sure they work out, they make sure they are putting on a act for the girl to enjoy, they spend money on her, they show off about what they are currently doing and more. The steps that a man goes through and the amount of money he invests in it is a true testament to how important this aspect of life truly is.

Just look at how many successful men who have been through one of the toughest journeys to get where they are. Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods, Brett Favre, Elliot Spitzer, Kobe Bryant and the list goes on and on and on. These men were at the peaks of their respective careers and worked so hard to get there that they decided to take a chance and risk it all for sex. The sub motives of power, money and success have led them there. The ultimate motive is sex.

Now although many would agree with everything we had just stated there is more complexity to this. Its not just sex that men are motivated by. It’s the competition among them that drives them more then anything. The biggest competition between men actually happens to be sex, leaving it to become the single most-driving force for men.

Thus to one up each other and be at the highest point in the game and in the competition is to have the most sex with the best looking women. What brings the best and most attractive sex? Well that’s pretty easy its money and success as that is what women are attracted to. The better your combination of the two the more likely to you’ll become the winner of the competition.

There are no true relationships between men in the real world. Every single man is a competitor by nature. Of course we are talking about alpha men here. Why do you think men will always show off to their closest friends the hot girl they have just had sex with or the new girl they have just met? They are competing with each other subliminally and unknowingly; it is what their instinct is telling them.

Once one person tells their friend about their new hot girl he will feel like he is losing, in turn motivate them to go out and work harder and make more money to ultimately attract more and more women ultimately leading towards sex. Yes indeed it is a very narrow process but that is how narrow and simple a man’s mind really is. It’s all a competition, whichever man can come out with the best stories at the end is ultimately the winner.

The next question is that why are women attracted to money and success? This answer is even simpler and once again complicated by our society. The answer is because many women actually look for protection and the most guaranteed form of protection today is money and success.

There you have it. Men look for sex to compete with each other and use money and success as a channel to reach this goal. Women are attracted to money and success because it is the strongest form of protection in our current society.


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Preston Waters

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