What To Do With Your Summer Love (The Exit Strategy)

What To Do With Your Summer Love (The Exit Strategy)
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It’s August; yes, time did fly that fast. You are probably thinking to yourself two thoughts: how the hell did summer go by that fast, and what in the world am I going to do with my summer love now? With September just around the corner, and the best season of the year approaching, fall, it is imperative that you are prepared as much as possible to deal with your summer love.

Because many are confused as to the solution many face the dilemma of dealing with their summer love. Throughout the whole summer, you have been enjoying the company of a lovely co-ed that has done nothing than blessed you with some of the best causal sex you have ever had. You had a great time with her living freely – just truly enjoying another summer. But now that another summer has come to its conclusion, do you keep her, or do you move on? Here is exactly where many men go wrong.

But alas, to your luck here is what to do with your summer love:

Don’t be fooled

Many think that they need to stock up on their nuts and get ready for the cold winter, so they carry over their summer love into the different seasons as if this is  long division. This is not the only way that they will have a girl to go home with. A summer love is just what it is supposed to be, a nice summer bang buddy that you enjoy dollar beer Wednesday with and maybe one casual dinner each week. That’s as far as it goes.

But don’t be fooled by society to think that you are forced to date this girl. Under no circumstances do you need to think this should be your girlfriend – someone you are going to be with for a while. You two were bonded on the premise of summer love being a short fling in one of the most enjoyable seasons. But you truly never know what type of person she could turn into once October comes around.

Trust us when we tell you that there are far better things to be excited for in the fall season as you never truly know what model will come your way during fashion week. The girls get so much hotter in the fall as they dress the part of a lady; rather than a little horny sorority girl in a bikini. You will find someone desirable and serious in September, who will turn into your holiday season love.

Don’t fall in love

One of the worst things you can possibly do with a summer love is to actually fall in love with her. Yes, you might be intrigued by the fact that she hasn’t asked you for anything all summer – and nine times out of ten are you thinking with the lower half of your body – but by no means do you love this girl.

Ever see 500 Days of Summer? The guy falls in love with Zooey Deschanel and decides to carry his love over for 500 days only to get his heart broken. Well, that is exactly what is going to happen to you if you fall in love. Girls go into summer loves with the same mentality as guys, so God forbid if you end up with a Zooey Deschanel – you may never ever recover. We know many men that have gone down that path and never returned.

Use her for the same exact reasons she is using you: a summer sex fling that requires no thought or emotion just all smiles. Live in the moment and enjoy it while it’s there as it won’t last forever. The last thing you want to happen is your thoughts to get involved.

Let it go

As the closing of August is approaching, it’s almost time to start counting the last few bangs you are going to get from her. These summer loves have a extremely short shelf life that is alive between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend. It is parallel with the same rule of wearing white pants. It’s important to be mentally strong here and understand that this is one of those things that is fun while it lasts, not something that lingers on into the other seasons.

Start slowing down your communication with this girl, and limit the amount of time you spend seeing her. This will allow her to slowly get the message. This is not the time by any means to try to get as many bangs in as possible – that will make the situation that much worse.

Exit strategy

Your exit strategy is very simple. Your last fling with her will be on August 31st. Allow Labor Day weekend to be the wild card as the chances of you meeting your fall love during that weekend are extremely high. Your last bang should be left with the correct intonation of sincerity in the words, “This was fun, but all good things must come to an end.”

You must be sure you to do this to not allow it to linger on, or else she will pull this exit strategy on you and your self esteem will be in no position for the cold winter. The last thing you want to do is end up with her – you never know what type of monster she could turn into during holiday season. If you do find out, you will be left with no sex, ice skating, watching The Notebook and spending a ridiculous amount of money on presents.

As you exit the summer love, there is nothing wrong with planting the seed for next summer. Tell her you will see her next Memorial Day weekend, and you guys can relive the moment. It is fine to reminisce with her a bit on your last ho-rah, just to let her know you truly had a good time. It’s more so as a back up plan, or a safety; thus, it is good to keep your relationship on good terms.

Lastly, get ready for the fall/winter season as that is the best time to truly be a man whore. The last thing you ever want to do is end up like the guy in 500 Days of Summer.


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