You Can’t Turn A Hoe Into A Housewife

You Can’t Turn A Hoe Into A Housewife

We are discussing here one of the oldest, yet most ignored rule known to mankind. Something that is so simple that you would think it was the 11th commandment, something as idiotic as saying the sky is blue. You can never turn any girl who is a hoe, whore, hooker or, in lighter terms, a girl who sleeps around into a housewife.

It is an impossible feat, one that no man has accomplished or ever should try to do. Pretty Woman is a terrible example of such nonsense: Julia Roberts would never walk the streets as a hooker, and if she did then you should not be stupid enough to pick her up and think she would be a suitable bride.

Once a whore, always a whore. Old habits die hard, even when her sexual promiscuity was for money. If she was a free hooker, a woman who has sex for the fun of it, your attempt to sway her into fidelity is about as hopeless as convincing someone the 2008 mortgage crisis was a good thing.

The one weakness all men have that supersedes a Porterhouse from Prime 112 in Miami is a beautiful women to call their own. Besides women, we as a gender cannot figure our desire for women out because of extensive emotions that are attached to women and the unforeseen variables that they present to us.

The latest contestant who is obliviously attempting the feat of turning a whore into a housewife is the great Kanye West. Like many before him he will fail, as well lose his mind and his being in the process.

The temptation presented by a beautiful woman in bed never seems to escape us. Like the sirens call, even when we know it will wreak havoc on our lives in the rocky shores of desire, we continue to pursue the whore. Every man thinks that he will be the one to “change” the whore. Well, every man also thought he would be the one to pull the sword from out of the stone. And sadly enough in this story there will never be a King Arthur.

Here are the reasons why you will never be able to turn a hoe into a house wife:

The hoe mentality never leaves

The mentality of a whore is simultaneously destructive – like a double edged sword. Not only is she looking for the same gratification of sex that you are, but she is also a gold digger. Sure a whore is going to fuck a lot, but have you ever taken a closer look at the guys shes fucking? They are usually the men who offer something in return other than just plain old sex. These women are constantly looking for economically beneficial scores or social benefits, then they move right along to the next one. Their not fucking any broke dudes.

This woman’s mentality is a short term gain, much like the buy low sell high day trader. They may sleep with a stock, but they would never want to marry it. At the point these women feel satisfied that they have everything they need, it is time for their next one. One example? Kim’s marriage lasted 72 days, bank rolled $15 million dollars and made for one explosive ratings boost in her season’s finale.

Too much history

Think about that moment you have a talk with your daughter: while you tell her that she should respect herself and not sleep around your whore of a wife will chuckle. A man’s biggest pain is listening to his wife’s sordid history in bed. Every promiscuous woman has more than a few night’s experience, so it will only bemuse the men that have banged her on intoxicated nights filled with cocaine to find out she is married to you.

You know that girl has slept with all of your friends? You cannot help but laugh when you find out she actually found a boyfriend, yet you do not tell him what you know because it’s just too funny. He has quickly become the root of all your jokes. Her history will be something she can never erase, and something you are going to have to deal with if you date a former whore.

Imagine asking her about her past, and her numeral response far surpasses yours. If that was not bad enough, her vagina will be so blown out a night with her will be like throwing a hot-dog down a hallway. It becomes like a old car with a lot of miles on it. Yes the engine might still be there but the ride is terrible.

No emotions

Any decent woman that is respectable enough to date has certain qualities that make them enjoyable to be around. Those qualities include a certain capacity for emotion that a whore would have lost during her senseless years of sex experienced without attachment.

These women lack all care that would go into a moralistic relationship: anything goes for a whore when her actions are summed up buy the acronym YOLO. This makes them extremely unpredictable. What good housewife or girlfriend do you know of that is unpredictable? Absolutely none.

A whore’s actions are usually made in spite of a man, or men, who have hurt them in the past. So they take out their pain on themselves by using men frequently and without care. It is uncommon for a girl to be a whore without reason. A pattern of behavior is always ratiocinative. Have you ever done something all your life and not known why? No. You brush your teeth because you want fresh breath. She sleeps with men because she wants to feel control and redemption.

Because spite is her only emotion, at some point she is going to fuck you over when you least expect it. Loyalty is out of the question with these women and you can be assures she has probably already been with someone else. So with loyalty and trust nonexistent, and longevity never an option, what point is there for you to be with her?

She has no shame in her game.

Over protective and artificial

The whore mentality usually consists of insecurity. And a whore usually is an amazing actor – they use this skill to cover up their broken character. They are faker than a Birken bag sold on Canal street with a stain from Miso soup. They will cry to stir sympathy, and they will yell to get their way. The fact is: they are a fake wall of emotion. If you think any of her actions are truthful, then you are falling victim to the character role she is playing.

Whores have the sense to know what people think of them so that they can maintain their roll and their control over your life. You might begin to notice her being overly protective, even trying to turn you against your friends. They become over protective to the point that it is unreasonable. Here you will realize she is only trying to keep you to herself for as long as possible. The only time someone acts overly protective is when they know they are doing something wrong.

Wrong motives

A good housewife or girlfriend’s motives should be the same as yours. You want to establish a relationship with this person based on sincere feelings and a strong bond. The motives of a whore are truly viscous, they are selfish and motivated by attention, money and materialism.

Take a look at Kim Kardashian. Her relationships have always been with celebrities, usually musicians or athletes. Her scansorial desire is to climb the wealth ladder: Ray-J, Nick Lachey, Reggie Bush, Kris Humphries and finally, the richest of them all, Kanye West. Her desire is clearly tabloid gold – there has never been a relationship or drama she has not spun into a 4 page tabloid cover-story. Do you think she does this by accident? The answer is no. There is a sound business plan for her motive, one that uses her sex appeal for a celebrity man’s money.

Closing thought - Men love whores and always find a certain type of excitement in being with them. Perhaps it is the pleasure they have with a woman who is willing to have a night of fun with them without consequence. What they often forget is that a fun time with a whore cannot translate into a long-term relationship. A whore is only as good as good as their best score, and they will keep bouncing around until their ultimate goal is accomplished. What that goal is, no one will ever know.

Being a whore and a gold digger are practically synonymous: no broke guy is getting laid. On the other side of the coin, no amount of money will ever sway them away from their viscous greed. Their intent is set from the start, and when you take up their sexual offer they already know they have you for their taking.

Whores can be the end of any man’s life. Look at DeNiro in “Casino,” or Tony Montana in “Scarface”: if they had fell for the right woman, then these movies would have ended quite differently. When a man is with a whore, they become oblivious to the reality of their situation. It is pretty simple, gentlemen, do not try to make the fire hydrant that everyone has pissed on your next treasure.


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