The Way Women Think

The Way Women Think
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Let’s be realistic, a man could spend his entire lifespan attempting to decode the pertinent facts regarding the thought processes of women. We do not support the ineptitude of our fellow males and
 whole heartedly believe that all secrets are destined to be unveiled.
 Unfortunately, our female counterparts are far superior to ourselves
 at withholding information.

They simply play the courtship game with 
far greater finesse and aptitude. For sake of conversation, we are 
excluding the low self-esteemed girl that obsesses over a guy as she
slowly looses her identity. She simply can’t be considered in the same 
category as the woman being discussed: we know her as the Elite woman.

The Elite woman is the woman every male is compelled to acquire. She
 is sexy, but undisclosed. She is smart, but down to earth. She is 
essentially the woman of your dreams. If you find a girl like this,
 ensure that you do not mistreat her because you are unlikely to receive a second opportunity. Letʼs take an in depth look at the
 mindset of an Elite woman.

The first thing she notices about a guy is how he carries himself. This is a crucial thirty minute period where she evaluates how you interact with people. When she pretends not to notice you, she is
 doing a thorough inspection of what type of person you are. Woman are
exceptionally instinctual and perceptive of the characteristics of a

For analytical purposes, let us assume you have piqued her 
interest. You are confident, funny, attractive, and can carry a
 conversation. This is the point where she will subtly imply that she
 is interested in you. It may only be the ever so slightest 
implication, and in fact, you might even miss it.

Elite girls do not 
overtly display their attraction and interest in a male. She believes that it is a man’s job to pursue a woman. Unfortunately for our
 readers who seek instant gratification through females, no quality
 girl is going to commit to liking a man after one night. She may be 
processing the idea in her mind, but that’s the only place the idea will reside.

It is important to note that the overwhelming majority of women
have been hurt by the childish antics of an immature, sexually 
promiscuous male in their lifetime. Because of this staggering amount
 of heartbreak, women will tend to have their guards up in the initial phases of 
courtship. After a girl has been cheated on, she may never be able to
foster the trust in men that she once was able to.

In a relationship, it 
takes a woman about six months to open up to a guy. Just because she
 tells you about her day doesn’t mean that she has begun to confide in 
you. If you get this dream girl to let you in, she is committed to you 
and only you. This rarity takes conscious effort from a man, as he 
must prove over time that he is trustworthy
! It may seem as though up until this point, the male has done all of the work. It is true, he has.

This is what it takes to date an Elite girl. The up side is that once this dream girl allows you in,
she has decided that you are a good investment. At this point, she
 will begin to treat you as such and make sure to ensure the longevity
 of your relationship.

Your dream girl is like a 458 Ferrari–you canʼt 
get it without negotiation, but once you have it, it drives better
than any car youʼve ever had, figuratively and literally.

Jenna Todey | Elite.

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Preston Waters

Preston Waters is a thinker. He's not your traditional philosophical persona, however, as he leaves no topic untouched. Covering all the bases, from business to women, Preston Waters is the ultimate man's man for Gen-Y.

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