What Women Really Want In This Day And Age

What Women Really Want In This Day And Age

Life is always changing. Each day we innovate upon old concepts and ideas as we continue our advancement into a future, progressive society. But today, it seems true love is scarce. The times have changed from when our parents were dating, but then again, who really wants to stick to prudish, traditional values anyway? But as an inquisitive man seeking the answers to the relationship woes of today I have to wonder: what do women really want?

Dating was a lot simpler within the last generation. Expectations of lavish gifts and fine dining had not yet become embedded in our social fabric. The demands were simple: a few occasional dates, whatever gifts could be afforded, and a mutual trust that would provide a comforting bond within the pair. That is all she asked for.

Today, there is a much greater emphasis on tangible, expensive manifestations of “love”. What social climbing women  want currently is not completely ludicrous, but the expectation that love must be confirmed through valuables is a bit jarring. They are all “looking for a good man”, but cannot find him because their definition of a good man is heavily based in his financial situation.

They want the Disney-esque Prince Charming figure in their lives, yet remain unwilling to settle if his budget does not include lavish wealth and biannual trips to the Caribbean. Here is what women really want in the 21st century.


When was the last time you have seen a broke guy getting laid? Never. We have been around the world and have seen some of the most gorgeous women around. There seems to be a correlation: the hotter she is, the higher the minimum income bracket she will accept in a man. But yes, we of course are all “looking for love”.

I’m talking about the type of woman you see in the club looking for an easy claim to fame and wealth. She’s willing to utilize her allure to better her financial situation. And I can’t blame these girls, but it becomes rather sickening when encountered in the frequency one encounters these women in nightlife. It almost seems like a pack of hunters all running around chasing the same game.

None of these women have any interest in the looks of a man, his charm, or any of his other qualities and will most likely never entertain anyone who just comes up to talk to them. They have their eye on the prize and are not about to waste their time for a pedestrian.

I have heard women say “I need to marry rich” more times than your average college freshman worries about contracting herpes from a freshman sorority girl. Women are well aware that money is what sets aside the strong from the weak. They actually get envious when they see their friends dating a rich guy because they want one as well. They want the trips, gifts, dinners and all the other things money can buy in this world. They want to get their hair done every week not walk around without a manicure for 3 weeks. Don’t even get me started on where these women imagine raising their kids.

Just think about how our attempts impress women and you will realize it is centered on money oriented incentives. On the first date we ensure that we pick them up in a nice car, take them to a lavish dinner at one of New York’s finest eateries, order expensive wine and try to tell them how ambitious we are and how well we are doing at work. We always try to impress women with what we have rather than who we really are.

50 Shades Grey

Plain and simple, our generation loves to fuck and loves to fuck hard. Following the insanely popular book 50 Shades of Grey, which describes sexual fantasies more intense than the hardcore porn men watch on their lonely nights, it is pure fact that women love it and want it hard.

Any girl you meet is almost guaranteed to have a copy. Look, all I have to say is anyone that enjoys reading about anal fisting and being hog tied while they get pummeled has some pretty insane fantasies in my book.

Today, women seem to want to be 50 shades of grey’ed, for lack of a better term. They all want to be sexual vixens and have all of their fantasies fulfilled, and frankly, I’m all for the sexual liberation. Trust me, these women aren’t looking for that R-Kelly inspired, slow paced lovemaking that resulted in your conception. It is all about fast paced, exotic and pretty fucking amazing sex with the background music of the song “Sex on Cocaine”.

The asshole and the nice guy (best of both worlds)

It is pretty simple, no one wants a nice guy. If you’re too nice, women will see you as weak and playing a minor role in society. I’m not sure why, but nice guys always finish last, and if you think constantly communicating with her and adorning her with attention will work in your favor, you’re wrong. No woman becomes turned on when a man showers her with too much attention or is overly friendly. You know what that results in? The friend zone.

Women want the asshole–the man they have to chase after and sparks their interest continually. We all love the chase, so it is not surprising that women like the excitement and resulting adrenaline rush resulting from these trouble relationships.

Unfortunately, true assholes always fuck them over in the end. And what do they do? Cry about as if they didn’t know what they were getting themselves into. Newsflash, ladies, you cannot domesticate an asshole just like you cannot turn a ho into a housewife. You are better off pursuing men with the qualities you actually like instead of trying to cultivate these traits within a man who lacks them.


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