Are Women Always Lying?

Are Women Always Lying?

Living up to your word is a respectable trait hoped to be found in both men and women. But most women may not hold true to their word. Although, in their minds, this would not be considered lying. In a feminine reality, statements and verities come second place to emotions and the altering temperaments their social group. Thus you have far too many variables and too few facts to substantiate what men would consider “the truth.”

For women, the truth is what they feel is right; rarely is it what is considered to be a tangible fact. When a woman says, “I hate you,” “I won’t go on vacation with you,” or ” I would not like to go out to dinner,” it is more often than not due to a temporary wave of emotions. A masculine trait would be to mean what you say, and this masculinity keeps a man’s world stable.

Femininity utters and says what they are feeling at any given moment. So while they may honestly express their feelings, feelings are rarely substantial and based on fact. You can hate that there is world peace, but that does not mean world peace is bad. But for a woman, her feelings are the truth. So if she hates world peace, then world peace is a terrible thing!

When your woman is speaking, listen to her as you would the waves of the ocean crashing along the shore, or the winds of a storm beating upon the marble canyons of Manhattan: the words you hear sounding from her mouth are directly in tone with the essence of her feelings at that particular moment. There will be times when she is communicating with a leveled reasoning based on fact, but this is rare and not to be expected

If considered through contemporary epistemological arguments, the voice of the women is akin to the great poets of the 18th century and the philosophers of the modern period. They espouse beautiful lines that articulate each and every crease and curve of their emotions with ease. But empiricists, like Hume, would say that their emotions mean nothing. They are not based on real world fact, and do not reflect any state of the world as it exists. As Wittgenstein would say, their words are nonsense – unsinn!

If you are ever in shock by the words of a woman, you might argue with her and say, “I thought you said ___.” But what you fail to realize is that she is full of feminine energy. What a woman says is a castle built of sand: whether the tides of your reasoning wash away her castle or not, in her mind it will stand to be the truth.

A conversation may go like this:

Would you like to go out to dinner?

I don’t feel like it.

Then you pick her up and kiss her and repeat:

Come on, we’re going to dinner!

Lets go!

As you can see, it is not that she does not want to go out to dinner – her feelings are that, right now, she will say no to anything. If you were to immediately respond by saying, “okay,” and laying on the sofa to watch ESPN, then you wouldn’t understand the point she is trying to make. Her point is not that she does not want to go to dinner; this is simply her way of saying she is upset about something completely unrelated.

For a woman, truth is as strong as her emotions may seem to her. The truth of femininity refers to anything she is feeling currently.

Therefore, when your girlfriend or wife states that she is willing to move to New York City with you, and then, after you sell your property, she decides that she no longer wants to go with you, don’t begin scream, ” I thought you said ___!” When she first agreed to move with, you she had positive emotions about your relationship. When she decided not to move with you, she had negative emotions about your relationship. So don’t be angered by the fact that she did or did not say something because it does not matter in the grand scheme of femininity. To her, what she feels is right.

So here is the rule: do not hold a woman up to the black and white context of what she is says.

Femininity is indeed a wonderful thing: it gives masculinity what it needs to keep on going in every day life. While a man’s reasoning provides for stability, it rarely takes into account the emotions that should factor into our decision making. In a black and white world, the best business decisions will always be made. But in a world of a emotion, you might be the great friend who sacrifices a business opportunity to help out a friend you know and love.

A woman’s energy allows us to drop out of our head and live in the present moment filled with amazing emotions. So where would the most successful men today be without acting upon their feelings? Probably not where they are now. While a woman’s reasoning may confuse you, take her position into account. It may help you more than you think.

Eddie Fews | Elite.

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