Why Women Love Assholes

Why Women Love Assholes

Why is it that some women cannot get enough of the arrogant assholes? Why would one ever desire such a quality in a partner? There are a couple of reasons for this that I am going to break down for you on the women’s psychological processes.

It is every woman’s dream to be the responsible from changing his ways of being the crazy man-whore into the passionate, love struck Romeo. However, the truth is that this RARELY happens. Ladies, if you need to change a man in the first place you should look for alternative options. This will be the biggest heartache, headache and waste of time one could ever imagine. You cannot change people unless they are willing to change themselves. It’s a fact of life.

Women love playing games mind games, we all know it. Communication games, sex games, jealousy games; the list goes on forever and they love it all. Challenges make everything more interesting and appealing. A challenge for a woman is the most exciting activity they could ever engage in as it gives them a superficial high and sense of accomplishment. Women find nice guys to be boring, mind-numbing and easy.

Men think of it this way… If you are at an all inclusive resort or open bar do you fully enjoy it and savor it as much as you would if it wasn’t?  No, you wouldn’t. When the challenge isn’t there, neither is the thrill.

Women love to argue. Some women feel as if there is more passion in a relationship when there is yelling, fights, and break- up and make-up sex involved. The yo-yo relationship is an adventure for women as they love the extreme highs and lows. It is an addiction. Women know it’s unhealthy, yet they remain addicted to the thrill.
Women tend to be drawn to the bad boys who come off as over confident. They are very masculine, in-control and aggressive which many women crave. Confident men know how to talk to women which makes them instantaneous chick magnets. They are smooth-talkers and amazing liars, which somehow manages to set hearts racing with each and every encounter. They exude an untamed masculinity, confidence and independence which is a natural aphrodisiac for most women.

“Some women love men with unconventional traits. Not only do these traits make them attractive, it also makes them more sexually appealing. Women get the feeling that these ‘macho’ men can satisfy them better than the usual, run-of-the-mill kind of men will be able to,” explains clinical psychologist Seema Hingorrany. According to her, these kind of men give women an adrenaline rush.

Dr Kanan Khatau Chikhal, a clinical and health psychologist says, “Most of these women who fall for these kind of men are intimidated by the outside world. They are shy by nature and are instantly attracted to someone who can take on the world, protect them and take care of them.”

Women beware of this addiction for it is not good for your physical health and mental well being. Yes, every girl has her phase but they need to grow out of it ASAP. Nice guys are so much better especially long-term. I don’t know about you but I would love a drama free Valentine’s Day. And men do not take this article as an encouragement to be assholes. Treat your lady like a princess but be adventurous.

Since the beginning of the time women have loved assholes. Let’s go back in time to Adam and Eve. Adam was the all around perfect guy for Eve as he made her life extremely easy. There was only one rule they had to live by which was to not eat from the tree of life. Of course, Eve grew tiresome of Adam’s kindness as she decided to listen to the snake who is seen as the bad guy/ asshole. The snake intrigued her and tricked her into eating from the tree of life. This is what sparked a series of events of why girls love assholes throughout history.

Cautionary Note: This is a serious addiction and women you should seek help if you still love assholes.

Amy Nicole Marietta | Elite Daily

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