A World Where You Must Pay To Play

A World Where You Must Pay To Play
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The only two things that are guaranteed in this world are death and taxes. In a sense, nothing is free because you technically pay to live in a country and enjoy breathing its air. Everything on this planet has a discernible value and everything has its price, even a $387,000 Lamborghini Aventador. But one of the most valuable things on this planet has to be women.

To men, women mean the world in the sense that they have a service that each man strives for. That service is of course sex. And, in case you have been living under a rock, the explanation for about 85% of a male’s actions has something to do with him trying to have sex. But sex is one of the most expensive services ever; it is both financially and mentally taxing. So in this world, you must pay to play.

Women put a price on this service that they know is so valuable. In essence, it is the man’s revelation of his high demand and willingness to pay that has inflated the price of sex. The price is set in one of two ways: either a girl is completely up front about exactly how much she wants to give up sex – like they do in France where going rate for a girl with a 7.5 in looks is about 1,000 euros, which comes out to $1,350 US dollars – or there is the secondary, more time consuming way of meeting the girl’s standards, such as three nice, lavish dates, a few gifts and two tables at the best night club in town.

Good looks and a certain amount of charm are no longer good enough to get you to bed a woman. When was the last time you have witnessed a broke guy getting laid? Never, because it does not happen anymore. There must be something to offer from his end that is more than just his appearance. There is a monetary requirement behind sex because we live in an age of gold diggers, both direct and indirect.

Do you know how many times we have collectively heard the words “I’m going to need to marry someone rich” come from a girls mouth? That the stakes are up to attain your dream girl is no secret to men any longer. There used to be a day when sex was actually free and done for pure enjoyment, but now it has basically become a untaxed commodity. It is no surprise, then, that the fun of the experience is no longer there.

The offering is simple: a man must sell a good enough bullshit story, along with spending a massive amount of money on the girl, to make her feel that she is giving up her service of sex for a good enough bargain. The ante has been upped all around the world, and if you are not the fittest, it is safe to say you will get stuck banging mediocre undesirable girls with your mediocre pocket. Those are the type of girls that are most likely terrible sorority girls that have been with everybody. Do you really want that?

Gentlemen, if you want the cream of the crop, you better start getting to work and making it big in order to win the best girl. Wasting your time will not only take you nowhere in life, but it will also fast make you a failure in society.

The concept is simple: take the same ambition you have in the business world in striving to be the best and understand that being the best and having the most wealth will attract you the most women. Success in life will naturally bring you the most play. So having sex with the most desired women will be harder as more and more men become successful because the competition has become so stiff.

This is a ruthless competition, and to have Victoria Silvstedt on your arm get ready to pay a huge price. And doing so will have you as the winner in our modern world. He who has the most desired female on his arm is the true champion of life. Having a nice car says you can call a dealership and rent the car, but you truly cannot rent the beauty of a woman.

The beautiful woman on your arm is a sign of opulence unlike any other. It is the sign that says: “I’m fucking rich, and I can buy this place – that is why I have her.” Gentlemen, get to work; this is a pay to play world.


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Preston Waters

Preston Waters is a thinker. He's not your traditional philosophical persona, however, as he leaves no topic untouched. Covering all the bases, from business to women, Preston Waters is the ultimate man's man for Gen-Y.

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