Are Girls Really More Mature Than Men?

Are Girls Really More Mature Than Men?
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In today’s world we have a huge dilemma with the so-called “independent woman” that needs to be dealt with. While it’s great that we have become a modern society and women are becoming more and more independent this independence generates another problem.

Women, generally speaking, feel that they are more mature then men, especially when it comes to relationships and dating. It’s important that we decipher why women feel that they are more mature and what the true reason is behind them being attracted to older men.

Many women no doubt feel that they need to date an older man because they think that men their own age are too immature. This is entirely false. Women are only fooling themselves when they believe this- just because she feels she is more mature does not mean that mature men her age don’t exist.

What They Really Want?

Speaking to women you begin to understand what they really mean when they say they want someone that is “mature”. For example, when we asked a select group of women around the age of 25 to profile the ideal man for them, the most common characteristics included: no younger than 30 and with a stable job. Why is this the case?

Well, the most basic answer to why women want a “mature” man is because these women just want the shit fucked out of them- plain and simple. Now, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be pleased in the sack, but don’t pretend that the reason you want someone older is because they can better stimulate you intellectually.

The “Stable Job” Dilemma:

The majority of women said they wanted to be with someone who has a stable job. So someone is mature because they have a stable job? Is working as a janitor a “stable job”? There are plenty of men your age that have well paying jobs. Again this idea of a “stable job” is another falsehood to hide the fact that they want to be dominated in bed.

After further analysis it is safe to say that “stable job” just refers to someone who can afford their habits. We understand that you are not used to working hard because Daddy paid for everything. However, that’s not how the real world works. Just because you get fucked and he buys you a pair of Prada shoes does not mean he loves you that much more than the other 25 year old he has on the side.

What does this do to woman?

The lies women use as an excuse for trying to justify the fact that they want better dick is really making them believe that they are more mature. These lies make them feel that they mature faster than males when in reality they figure out how and whom they like to bone sooner than men do. These lies are no longer necessary because now we know the truth.


Women need to realize their vagina does have magical powers but making them more mature is not one of them. Just act your age and don’t think by saying you want someone who is more mature is a good way of saying you want good dick. If you really were more mature then you would realize that with a little bit of practice, even a 25 year old can rock your world.

Eddie Veljovic | Elite. 

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