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Guys Explain Why They Literally Do Not Care About Your Cellulite

Lena Dunham is gracing Glamour's February cover alongside her “Girls” castmates without any sort of retouching. As any woman with a body can imagine, this means her cellulite is out for the world to see.

And you know what?! HER LEGS STILL LOOK SMOKIN' HOT.

Being able to grace the cover of a major women's magazine like Glamour as a normal person with a normal body without any sort of retouching is a HUGE step for women on a national scale.

But that, unfortunately, doesn't change the fact that we all still worry about what others think about our cellulite.

You know the scenario: Your boyfriend has told you about a million and one times that he doesn't care about that patch of dimples on your upper left thigh, but you still can't help but doubt him a teeny, tiny, little bit.

Does he really not care, or is he just saying that to make you feel better?!

Personally, I always like to think of that scene from “Eat, Pray, Love” where Julia Roberts' friend is freaking out about her muffin top, and Julia reminds her that men literally DON'T CARE.

“He's in a room with a naked woman. He's won the lottery,” she says.

And if that wasn't proof enough for you, we have more right here. In response to a woman's question on Reddit about whether or not men care about cellulite, most of the men seemed to agree that they, in fact, did not care at all.

Here's why:

Who you are matters more.

Nope. For the most part it's you as a person more than your skin


It's nothing that a good, old-fashioned 69 can't fix.

Whatever, just sit on my face


As long as you're not a “disagreeable bitch,” we're chill.

Unless at base line your just a disagreeable bitch cellulite would not be a problem for me. Give yourself a break from self shaming your own body. Good on you for working out and being healthier.


Confidence is the only thing that can make it disappear.

If you don't care about it, he won't care about it.


Keeping things clean down there is way more important.

Is not important. Is not relevant. Genital hygiene is more important.


Simply put, NBD.

Don't care.


It can actually be “beautiful.”

unless it gets in the way of sex, who cares? it's just a different texture to touch. a different shape for light to play on. it can be beautiful actually.


It's irrelevant.

Doesn't really bug me. Does it add to a woman's attractiveness? No, but I don't think it really detracts, either. There's lots of things that make a woman attractive. In just the physical department, there are all sorts of things that add up to a female being attractive to me, and some things that might detract (for instance, nasty teeth). Cellulite is kind of a non-issue in that department – it's just a natural thing that happens.

I think the only men that it would be a deal breaker with are the male equivalent of a female who would only be attracted to a guy with six pack abs. Do you really care about the opinion of a guy that shallow?


It's fire flames sexy HOTNESS.




I really think @HandsLikeLuke was onto something when he said that, if you don't care, he won't, either.

So what, you have some cellulite? News flash: Everyone has flaws. If you get rid of the cellulite, I promise you'll find something else to hate about your body.

The only trick here is to accept yourself fully, flaws and all.

Super famous powerhouses like Lena Dunham and Chrissy Teigen are embracing their imperfections and showing them off to the world like it ain't no thing. Follow their lead!

Embrace your body the way it is, and I promise you'll be the hottest woman in the room, no matter what your body type.

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Candice Jalili


Candice is a staff writer here at Elite Daily. She possesses both the body and the humor of a 15-year-old boy while she enjoys the lifestyle of a 75-year-old woman.
Candice is a staff writer here at Elite Daily. She possesses both the body and the humor of a 15-year-old boy while she enjoys the lifestyle of a 75-year-old woman.

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