The Moment Every Girl Loses Her Mind

The Moment Every Girl Loses Her Mind
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We all know women are crazy. It’s really no secret, and it has come to the point where they even admit it themselves. So it looks like we are all in agreement. They are plain irrational, and don’t use basic logic or common sense to make decisions. This is, of course, because women think and process with their emotions, and we men, use our penis to make our rational decisions.

Decisions that are rooted in emotions never make complete sense and they can prove selfish. Women suffer from the delusion of fate, awaiting their Prince Charming from the sky with a glass pair of Louboutins for their pedicured feet.

Keep dreaming ladies. We have all dealt with a female before, and we just can’t rationally comprehend what the hell they are talking about, or where any reasoning stems, it’s almost as if they are speaking a different language.

What many men don’t realize is that women lose their minds throughout the course of their lives. They become emotionally damaged at a very early age, to the point where it even makes some of them numb, and build a giant wall. Thankfully you have us to divulge the truths about just where along the line these crazy bitches have lost their minds:

Unrealistic Expectations from Movies

It begins with expecting what will never happen. Disney movies are the main culprits, as “Beauty and the Beast” and “Cinderella,” foster fictitious dreams at a very young age, telling these girls that men will actually treat them well and will bend over backwards for them. The evolution of fil continues with the romantic Nicholas Sparks delivering the Notebook and Dear John, and don’t forget the dreamy dead husband in PS I Love You.

Women grow up believing that men are actually as charming as Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum. They believe that love is what will make them feel good and happy in life, because watching these movies makes them happy. It creates an expectation that men can never amount to because we could care less about the lovey-dovey stuff and just want to have sex — whereas those guys in the movies actually love their women.

Losing Their Virginity

For women, losing their minds is a continuous process. It’s like building up momentum to collapse the walls of Jericho, both mentally and physically (their legs). Women want their first time to be special and with someone that they actually care about, so that they can never forget it. They put so much emphasis on it, and when the day finally comes, and they do lose their virginity — that is when they officially lose their minds. It’s at that exact point when a penis first enters their body.

That is when their emotions hit a peak, that is when they feel love and lust for the first time and that is when they think their lives are a Disney movie. They mistake sex, something that feels good for both men and women, as something that involves love. At this point they fall madly in love with the guy who took it and actually believe that they are going to stay with him forever.

It is at this very moment that it all goes downhill. This is when they start thinking with their emotions, because this is the first time they have experienced emotions. And it’s dangerous for all parties involved. (This is why I would never take a girl’s virginity, there are just too many responsibilities that come with it.)

The First Heart Break

This is when shit actually hits the fan. All great things must, at some point, come to an end. This perfect relationship, the one that was supposed to last forever, comes to an end. Because, in reality, forever means until we go to different colleges. A girl goes insane because her first love was meant to be “it”; everything she was fed as a child, all her storybook fantasies, they told her that he was meant to be the one. But long distance never works and most of these girls learn the hard way.

This is scary. She’s never felt this way before, her heart is in her stomach. And her boyfriend can give zero fucks because he’s swimming in whole new pool of college pussy.

This is when a woman’ emotions run wild and she steels herself from vulnerability, building a wall. She becomes a slut because to enable unemotional sex, and the more sex she has with different guys (YOLO), the better it makes her feel. But, in reality, it makes it worse; women can’t have unemotional sex. And a woman starts to hate men all the more because she realizes they are assholes only using her for sex.

At this point, our little princess, who once believed in love, is spiteful, hates men and has given up hope in finding love. This is where nice guys get fucked over. There are actually good men out there, who plan on doing nice things for women because they actually enjoy it. But because of this wall, she finds it weird and wrong, as she has never seen it before. So she keeps attracting assholes into her life and constantly gets hurt.

And so we have women depressed at the age of 29, watching “Sex and the City” re-runs, way beyond their peak for any man to chase after them. But that’s what you get for turning away all those nice men in your life that could have actually been the Prince Charming you wanted.

Preston Waters | Elite. 

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