The 20 Most Tragic Things Girls Do After Getting Dumped

The 20 Most Tragic Things Girls Do After Getting Dumped
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Breaking up with a girlfriend is one of the hardest things to do. Not because you care about her or anything, but because of the crazy shit they tend to do after.

Yes women are out of their minds, and unlike men, they run off of pure emotion. Their post-relationships antics can be befuddling and downright insane.

Simply put, everything they do makes absolutely no sense. These are the 20 Most Tragic Things Girls Do After Getting Dumped.

20. Cut or dye their hair a different color — as if this would make her any tighter.

19. Go out every night —this breaks the law of supply and demand.

18. Go on vacation — running from their problems can’t always be the solution.

17. Move to another state or country — okay, relax. It’s not that serious.

16. Get fat — really?

15. Hang out with their ex’s friends — didn’t you get the memo? You’re not welcome here anymore. Don’t pull a Yoko Ono.

14. Date their ex’s friend — unless he gives the golden rule out — it ain’t no fun if the homies cant get none.

13. Hooking up with an ex, ex — there’s nothing worst in life than taking two steps backwards.

12. Instagram pictures of themselves buying a pair of Louboutins — we get it, you’re 4 years late and overcompensating for the void.

11. Having one night stands — how old are you 19?

10. Fight for their relationship to be repaired — once it’s broken, it’s broken forever.

9. Rekindle their relationship only to dump them the next day— petty bitch.

8. Admit that they’ve been in a relationship the whole time — heartless.

7. Tells their ex that they think they’re pregnant — WTF is this Maury?

6. Deletes their ex from social media — within the first 2 years after, then its fair game.

5. Communicates with their ex’s family more than them — that’s a no, no.

4. Tries too hard to show everyone how great their lives are through social media — you can lie to yourself, but you cant lie to me.

3. Starts dating someone else within the week — you a hoe.

2. Starts dating other girls — come on, who do you think you are? Tila Tequila?

1. Begins to only date older men — we knew you had a daddy complex all along.

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