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Women Reveal The Sex Position That Satisfies Them The Most & Maybe It'll Work For You, Too

Sex is not unlike ice cream in that it is typically enjoyable, and every person has a different favorite flavor. Chocolate is definitely popular, but so is mint chocolate chip. Pistachio can be divisive; I used to hate it, but now I can get down with its gritty green vibes. To get really clear on this overreach of a metaphor: Positions are the flavors of sex, and reverse cowgirl is probably pistachio. Like the best ice cream flavors, the best sex positions are hard to determine.

Missionary might be vanilla (standard), cowgirl could be salted caramel (so damn good), and standing up sex is butter pecan (not for me, but I mean, I'll have it), but it's really hard for me to pick a favorite flavor. I would choose salted caramel over vanilla most days, but sometimes vanilla is all you really need. Rather than conduct a “favorite ice cream flavor” poll and try to interpret the results as reflective of peoples' sex position preferences, I'll cut myself off from this metaphor right now (I must be hungry) and share actual answers to the question “what's your favorite sex position” as posed to the women of Reddit. Spoiler alert: There was no consensus.

1. This woman likes vanilla best.

Missionary for sure.


And there's nothing wrong with that. Missionary was actually the most popular of all the positions listed.

2. This woman likes doggy, plain and simple.



No frills, just like the position itself.

3. This woman likes to enhance her doggy a bit.

Doggy with a pillow under my stomach while he rubs my clit and kisses my neck.


Comfort is key.

4. This woman seconds missionary.

Missionary. I get to feel close to my partner, touch them easily, and see their face (sexiest part). It's comfortable for me and physically feels really good.


Missionary being a lame position is #fakenews.

5. This woman actually prefers to 69.



Exclamation point! I would say this is the cotton candy flavor of sex positions — definitely not a fan favorite, but if you like it, you really like it.

6. This woman taught me a new position.


Missionary or the slow climb.


The slow climb was very popular among the women who responded… it's basically missionary with your feet over your partner's shoulders.

7. This woman likes face time.

Any position where I can see his face. I enjoy doing different positions because sex is fun and amazing, but I really have a soft spot for the ones where I can see his face and wrap my legs around him. There's something really sensual and intimate about looking at each other, reading each other's expressions, and moving together. It's more intimate than other positions.


Facing each other during sex can be sweet, furthering my ice cream metaphor.

8. This woman likes it from the side.

On my side with him straddling my one leg and my other leg lifted up. He's able to get really deep and it's easier for him to go hard since his knees don't slip everywhere.


This sounds complicated, but also fun.

9. This woman prefers oral.

Tongue on the clit, lying on my back or side.


P in V is just not her fave.

10. This woman can't choose just one position.

Missionary and cowgirl. I wouldn't be fully satisfied without both.


Same girl, same.

11. This woman is flexible, as long as it's from behind.

All the variations of "from behind" lol. Doggy style, spooning, the one when I'm laying flat on my stomach..


Finding the right angle for your body is definitely important.

12. This woman prefers to be on top.

Me on top. I can orgasm way faster on top. So can he.


Cowgirl was a close second, but didn't beat out missionary.

13. This woman breaks it down by occasion.

When we're making love, I like missionary and the slow climb. I like feeling his weight on me. I like being able to kiss his neck and lips. I like murmuring in his ear. I like seeing his eyes closed in concentration as he gets close. To me, those missionary and the slow climb are the most intimate.

If I'm more in the mood for fucking, I like it when he takes me from behind, especially if we're standing. I'm trying to get the courage to ask him to hit me and pull my hair, but I'm afraid of making him uncomfortable… and getting boo-boos.

Unlike the other lovely ladies here, I have no fondness for being on top. I'll do it once in awhile because he likes it, but cowgirl gives me little pleasure.


Amen, girl. Particular positions may fit the bill better than others depending on what kind of love making you are doing or not doing.

As everything continues to confirm, women are multi-layered creatures who all have different preferences when it comes to sex positions, ice cream, and even career choices. So try a new position, but don't be afraid to tell your partner that you don't really like to 69, or you'd really like them to go down on you sometime soon (or maybe always). And if you haven't tried the slow climb? Google it and get into it.

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Kimmy Foskett

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Writer. Producer. Champion of margaritas. Making you LOL at www.chixproductions.com.
Writer. Producer. Champion of margaritas. Making you LOL at www.chixproductions.com.

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