Would You Date: The Albanian Girl

Would You Date: The Albanian Girl
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Just across the Adriatic Sea and north of Greece you will encounter a small country known as Albania. This Balkan country is home to some of the most eye catching natural wonders and environments in the world. Its gorgeous beaches offer crystal clear waters that allow you to view the sea floor.

Home to some of the greatest beaches and premier nightlife destinations Europe has to offer, Albania is also well known for its exotic Mediterranean looking women. But all is not blissful in the Balkans. To ensure that our Elite men are well versed and prepared for their globetrotting adventures we are providing the pros and cons of dating these women.



In a period where women are overly preoccupied with “who are you wearing”, “how they can get their hands on the latest fashion”, or “how they can find a man who will buy them whatever they desire,” it is difficult to find that particular girl that knows how to treat a man. American women are more integrated into the workforce, and thus it can be very difficult to find a family oriented woman.

More power to the independent American woman, but I am seeking a woman dedicated to the family. Because many Albanian families are very traditional, it is almost guaranteed that she is more than capable of preparing a good meal and actually knows how to do laundry well.

Make Good Wives

What is a man without his “ride or die” chick? It is very easy to have a girl stick by you when things are going well, however it is when things start getting rough that you see the true side of your woman. A good quality to have in a girl is loyalty. You can count on an Albanian woman to stick by her man no matter how difficult things get financially.

Even if her man is in the wrong, an Albanian woman will be understanding and stick by her man. Loyalty is an essential quality that is notoriously difficult to find in a partner. Aside from their undying loyalty, Albanian women can raise a family, making them all the more deserving of “Good Wife material” title.

Another important quality that is hard to find in a woman these days is appreciation. American women are so used to having things handed to them that many times they are ungrateful even when they have it all. Albanian women don’t have unrealistic expectations about money because Europeans are not as married to the pursuit of wealth and social climbing as insatiable American women. Albanian girls appreciate how a man can improve her life in ways besides financial security, making them ideal for long term relationships.


When cruising through the city or walking around Soho, Tribeca, or the Meatpacking district, you can never go wrong with having an Albanian woman by your side. They take care of themselves, are very fashionable, and present themselves in a manner that is classy and sophisticated without coming off as haughty. Trust us, your male peers will be jealous to see one of these beautiful, well dressed women at your side. Not only are they well dressed, but Albanian women also take pride in how they present themselves in the public sphere. You will never need to stress over being embarrassed by harlot-esque actions from an Albanian woman.


The average Albanian household is known to be strict, especially for the women. This however does not deter our beloved Albanian women from getting down in the bedroom. She will come off as modest in public, but once the lights are off and the door is closed you must be prepared for the inner freak to come out. Behind closed doors these women have some moves reminiscent of some of your wildest fantasies.



Gossip plays a big part in the lives of women within the Albanian community. They know who’s dating who and who is invited or not invited to the next social gathering. In many cases, they tend to do whatever it takes to get the latest dirt. If you notice that your girlfriend is prominent in her social media sphere and changes her Facebook profile picture frequently, you might have a heavy gossiper on your hands.

If you notice that your counterpart is heavily investing her time in looking up information on people or seems to know people’s business on command, you are definitely dating someone on the top of the gossip food chain. Social media will ruin this relationship because if she is stalking others, rest assured that she is taking note of your actions as well.

It is almost guaranteed she will see other girls like or comment on a photo and begin to ask questions.  Answering questions about Facebook will become tiresome after a short while. Words of advice: get out of the relationship ASAP.

Questionable Past Relationships

Never under any circumstance fall for the “You’re the first guy I’ve spoken to” or “I really don’t talk to guys like you” line. In most cases, it is a complete lie. These two quotes are ones used most often, but if you hear anything that sounds similar, it should immediately raise a red flag in your mind. No matter how beautiful she is or how arousing her voice sounds over the phone, you must stick to your guns and know that this statement is false.

Since many Albanian households are strict, Albanian women must find creative ways to circumvent the overbearing rules of their strict parents. This includes keeping some of their darkest and dirtiest secrets under wraps for extensive periods of time. Trust me, if they are good at keeping secrets from those closest to them, just imagine the past experiences she is keeping from you. If your gut expresses that something doesn’t feel right, you probably shouldn’t second guess it.


Home grown Albanian women tend to be territorial. Once you are theirs, you are theirs and no one else’s. Albanian women have difficulties with sharing. They are highly aware of their surroundings, so a wrong look from another girl can cause quite the commotion. This territorial nature stems from jealousy. Jealous of a slight glance at another female or even the unreciprocated advances a woman might make towards you can cause issues. If her jealousy becomes overbearing, it might be time to move on.

With The Family

This might be the most difficult part of the whole relationship. If you are successful in integrating yourself with the family then your relationship should proceed smoothly. However, getting to this point is a battle that can take a lot of time and energy. Keep in mind the more time spent with the family, the more you become locked in without escape. However, if you do use the “hit it and quit it” technique, the chances of you becoming a victim of a physical altercation are significantly higher.

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