Friends With Benefits: Will It Ever Work?

Friends With Benefits: Will It Ever Work?
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Friends with benefits: Can it actually work out?

Without mentioning that stupid movie…well, now that we’ve mentioned that stupid movie, and by stupid I mean poorly acted, but possibly one of the most relatable stories of the decade, let’s turn the conversation to our close friend of the opposite sex whom we sometimes have sex with.

Everyone has that one friend who he or she mostly wants to cuddle with, but accidentally drunk dials 14 times a night and innocently asks, “Babe, can we really be friends with benefits?”

In all honesty, the answer to this question lies somewhere in between “no” and “naaah.” If after reading this you are picturing giving an overly enthusiastic high-five after you’ve just had sex, you’re in for a roller coaster ride through a tunnel of bullsh*t.

Perhaps a relationship like this could work in the real world, aka not in college, when you can go out, and the odds of seeing each other are slim to none.

Maybe when you’re about 25 and both working crazy hours, and your goals exceed that of “getting a pic behind the DJ booth with my girls,” this type of relationship could work out.

Think about the reasons that make you want to date someone. Maybe he or she has a lot of money, the sex is great, he or she is attractive and you have a great connection. All of these prerequisites for dating can be encountered during your “friends with benefits” relationship.

There is a sense of pride people get when they can listen to someone they are attracted to spew about his or her sexual encounters and not become jealous. It happens all the time, and there is no better feeling a guy can have than truly not giving a sh*t.

However, listening to someone you care about talk about having an intimate relationship with someone else will hurt you deeply.

“Friends With benefits” is a title reserved for someone who you were friends with for a while and then became intimate with. It’s not a label to put on someone who you met one night and took home.

Your “friend with benefits” is a special friend who deserves to be respected. Let me give you some advice, if you find someone you truly like spending time with in a non-sexual way, and happens to also be amazing in bed, just be with them.

Anyone who is not a freshman and is in Greek Life, knows that it is possible to hate roughly 95 percent of the people you spend your time with. So, if you find a special “friend with benefits,” don’t ruin your friendship, just date him or her because you know you secretly want to anyways.

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Jake Ross

Jake is currently a senior at the University of Florida studying Marketing and Communications. An ex member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, he now spends much of his time writing, since nobody will listen to him anymore because he is a GDI. He's thinking about law school, but he heard that it's pretty hard.

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