Why Hot Girls Have Become Obsolete In Society

Why Hot Girls Have Become Obsolete In Society
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Who doesn’t love hot women? The way they saunter down the street, just bouncing, with their looks, fashion, ass and boobs. There is just nothing better than seeing a beautiful girl walk past us on a stunning spring day. You know all of us are going to turn around and check her out. Not because we’re pervs, but rather, because we are guys and it is our natural instinct to spec out our prey.

You see, for guys, the grass is always greener on the other side. Ain’t no booty like new booty — and ain’t nothing better than having two bootys. It’s our code of life when it comes to sex.

And what attracts us the most are hot women that we specifically find hot. So, naturally, what I find hot and what three other guys find hot can be very different. Just take a look at the categories on your favorite porn site. There’s shit for everyone: big tits, brunette, Asian, booty-clapping, nugget, ebony, etc. If there is a better argument for beauty (read: booty) is in the eye of the beholder, I don’t know it.

The problem is the chase. The modern hot girl is empowered because she receives constant affirmation of her hotness. We have made them feel special, and have given them the confidence they need to feel special, and stand out because of the way we make them feel demanded.

The world is a business and it’s all a game of supply and demand. So, the entrepreneurs we are, we chase these asses and dote on these bitches, to claim the ultimate prize: the bang. And we’re winners, nothing else matters, victory is victory.

Now the hot girl is like a cell phone. Drop her in water, she won’t even get wet – but she will break up with you. Doesn’t matter, in a year and a half, fifteen months, she’s obsolete. She’s peaked faster than the high school football star.

Hot girls have expiration dates. They don’t stay hot forever. And there’s always that next bitch rounding the corner of puberty, hot and tight.

And it’s fine to age (so long as you don’t do it next to me). Hot girls become obsolete because they don’t evolve. They think they’re hot forever. That same bitchy attitude doesn’t look good with cankles. In this world you are only as good as how hot you looked in your last Instagram photo, after that no one really cares.

Hot women are seen as sex symbols. They are objects of prey for men more than anything else. The first thing we want to do when we see them is bang them, and then if they can hold a conversation for longer than: “Hey do you come here often?” — maybe we will get to know them.

But every veteran knows that you cannot fall victim to falling in love with these women, because we can’t stay faithful longer than three months. Because there’s always a new hot girl who will catch our attention, and because these women are usually fucked up anyway.

Of course being a hot girl comes with many perks. It automatically permits you into every circle and makes you in high demand at all the artificial places like clubs and high-end events, because you’re decoration. You’re also in high demand with every guy looking to get his dick wet. Throughout the peak of your hotness, you might sleep with multiple men who will take you around the world in 90 days.

But between all the partying, men and drugs that she has probably ingested in her life, she has become broken on both the inside and out. Mentally her perception is skewed, she believes that she will always stay this hot. And then comes the toll on her appearance, because partying on a Monday night until 5am doesn’t look good on anyone. This is anti-climax.

Women are like cell phones because we’ll always be upgrading to a newer, better model. Sure your iPhone4 works great, but how sleek and sexy is that iPhone5? What makes them obsolete is that there are a lot of other hot women out there to take their place. It’s the best thing about high school; the girls always stay the same age.

It’s an assembly line; more and more hot women are produced each semester at various fashion schools around the country and are thrown into the same cycle. Why would any man in his right mind want to date one of these girls in her peak while she is currently “living her life” or, then, after her peak when she is broken?

Of course no man in his right mind would. Men love hot women, but as sex toys. We see them as our prey, and a big prey, to say the least; it’s like catching a rhino while hunting. If you have never done it you haven’t lived. It’s a challenge and that’s what we strive for.

Who we settle down with is a completely different story. What all men want is a solid 7 on a good day. Because she is not too hot and she’s not ugly, she’s just right. And it makes us feel comfortable which is why we settle with them.

No one wants a hot wife. It only causes a tremendous amount of problems, followed by a divorce or a brutal break up in a few years. Sure hot girls are fun, and we love having sex with them, but that’s where it ends.

There will always be someone hotter, younger and tighter, so you’re not so special, hot girl. Men would much rather settle down with a good girl that they know they can’t say anything bad about and has some sort of intellect beyond what the hot new drug to take is.

Preston Waters | Elite. 

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Preston Waters

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