Weed: Mood Enhancer Or Mood Killer?

Weed: Mood Enhancer Or Mood Killer?

All right, let’s talk about my two favorite things: weed and sex. The effects marijuana has on sex range all over the map, from “I hate having sex stoned,” to “I prefer to have sex high.” Personally, I believe that everything is better when you’re high, but not all people share this view.

People who believe weed to be a mood inhibitor tend to claim that they feel disconnected from their partners and are distracted. On the opposite end of the spectrum, those that believe it enhances the experience, claim it boosts their sexual desires and sensations.

Honestly, whoever said smoking weed is not beneficial to relationships must be smoking crack or something else. Have you ever had sex while high? If not, you should because it is f*cking incredible. Much to both partners’ pleasure, many men have revealed that when they smoke weed before having sex, they are able to last much, much longer.

“Marijuana has been used as an aphrodisiac for thousands of years. So what exactly is it about weed that turns people on?”


Not all strands of weed are the same; you have indica and sativa. Indica creates a melt into your couch type of mood. If you want to smoke before bed, this is the route to take. It numbs the body and creates an overall sense of relaxation. Sativa, on the other hand, creates more of a mental high that results in an increase of energy. This is the type to spark up before engaging in sexual activity or any activity for that matter.

I believe for the cerebral people, and the cerebral strains, those that tend to make one “focused inward,” have a unique opportunity to channel this energy outward and experience mind-blowing pleasure and connection through physical intimacy.

“Sex and pot provide us with euphoric peak experiences, unity of body and mind, a healing escape from routine existence. If other people are involved with us in sexual activity or marijuana use, such experiences can be especially intimate and revelatory, facilitating trusting, loving relationships.”

Much to the contrary belief, weed is in a drug class all its own. It is considered neither a stimulant, nor a depressant, because its effects are determined by the expectations of its users.

Let’s get scientific for a moment, shall we? THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, releases dopamine in the brain (which causes the high and makes you happy) and anandamide, the brain’s natural marijuana. Anandamide shares all of the pharmacologic properties that THC offers. Marijuana increases your heart rate and when you have more blood pumping, you can have better sex.

“Sexual intercourse and pot is by far the most pleasurable sensation in the world immediately followed by pizza.”- Urban Dictionary


This only becomes a problem if one person does not smoke while the other is an active pothead. Active pothead? Yeah, that’s a thing. Smoking cannabis doesn’t lead to relationship problems unless the smoking itself is an issue. Fighting with your partner? Take a breather, twist up a joint and smoke it together. Both of your nerves will be immediately calmed and chances are you will forget what you were fighting about in the first place.

There are so many activities that are much more enjoyable to do when you and your partner are high. Take a walk in the woods or go to a concert or just lie around on the beach. There are endless opportunities. It all depends on how much you ingest. I’m not talking about smoking so much that you can’t get off your couch, but inhaling enough to get a subtle buzz going on. Moderation is key, as with everything in life.

“When marijuana dosage was appropriate, however, users reported that it increased sexual stamina and skill, tactile sensation, length and power of orgasms, and emotional bonding between partners. People felt they became more loving, more willing to pay attention to the technical aspects of lovemaking and foreplay, which women complain is often missing from male sexual repertoire.”

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