Your Sex Life On Drugs

Your Sex Life On Drugs
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Drugs are destructive, and, as always, we would never promote using any illicit substances. However, some do claim that sex on under the influence can alter the experience, either through heightened euphoria or debilitating limp. While we know for a fact (out of shameless experience) that drugs can sometime put a damper on your sexual activity, we here at Elite decided to take a look at how some common drugs affect performance enhancement, or lack there of, when having sex.

We all know how much you spend investing your time and money into clubs, alcohol, and other party favors to attract the company of a beautiful, young woman. There is nothing worse than closing the deal, only to take her back home and be incapable of performing. In order to avoid these pitfalls, we recommend that you take a look at some all too common drugs on the scene and how they might affect your sex life.


High: Users can feel less inhibited and unfriendly, while the increased sensory perception can turn stoners all touchy-feely.
Low: Blokes on dope risk a reduction in testosterone production, and a drop in sperm count, while females may experience some fertility problems due to changes in ovulation and menstrual cycles.

Marijuana and sex are gifts of nature. We enjoy them because biology and evolution have equipped us to do so. Just as our bodies contain pleasure effectors that stimulate euphoria during sex; our brains contain neurocellular circuitry that can only be activated by substances with the molecular structure of THC.

This makes marijuana high an uncommon amalgamation of feelings, and there is only one other source besides marijuana that activate this neuroreceptor. Our brain is one source: it generates a neurochemical very similar to THC, called anandamide.

Translated: the word means bliss.

Neurochemistry, hormonal systems, and brain regions such as the temporal lobe are affected by both marijuana and sexual arousal. Marijuana has been used as an aphrodisiac for thousands of years, yet ironically it has also been used to decrease sexual desire. Ancient sacred texts reveal how to use marijuana to increase sexual pleasure, but modern research teaches an equally important lesson: marijuana’s effects are determined by the personality, physiology, intention, environment, and culture of the user.

Intoxication levels influence marijuana’s effects on sex. At low to moderate levels of intoxication, users reported heightened ability to communicate sexually with their partners, and increased body awareness. Some users reported that being “very stoned” tended to make them introspective and withdrawn; the marijuana high overwhelmed the user and displaced sexual activity.

Others said that when they were extremely high, they lost kinesthetic connection with their bodies and were unable to perform sexually because their consciousness was, apparently,high above their physical realm.


High: Cocaine is a stimulant drug. In small doses it can increase sexual arousal and make orgasms and erections easier.
Low: In larger amounts, cocaine can still fuel sexual desire, while decreasing the ability to actually perform properly. Problems achieving erection and orgasm are very common – not to mention frustrating.

Cocaine increases the same chemicals in the brain that make people feel good when they eat, drink or have sex.

“Cocaine has the strongest links amongst users, with, not just prolonged sex, but also exploring unusual and exciting sex, and enhancing sensations during sex,” according to a study authored by Mark Bellis at Liverpool John Moores University in England. “To a large extent it is the modern aphrodisiac.”

One of the ways that cocaine produces addiction in people is by working on portions of the brain. The ventral tegmental area (VTA) of the brain is one area in particular that is stimulated by cocaine. When you take the drug, cocaine causes this section of the brain to produce pleasurable feelings. Other things, such as food, drink, social activities, and sex naturally stimulate this portion of the brain. When cocaine stimulates it, however, the effect is much more sudden and intense than most other natural activities, and the feeling can be addictive.


High: An increased sense of warmth and empathy towards your sexual partner. Some users feel they are more physically aroused, (although others report a loss of sensation and delayed orgasm).
Low: Increases the chances of risky sexual behaviour. A recent study showed users were more likely not to bother using condoms or other forms of contraception. Also, the drug-induced sense of loving everyone around you could mean you end up sleeping with someone you don’t really like at all.

People can get addicted to the crutch of having “easy” sex, without the hassles of awkwardness or performance anxiety and with a simple fix for heightened stimulation, because the excitement is coming from the drug and not  from real eroticism or passion.

The most immediate sexual problem that results from taking “E” is that it overrides a person’s natural protective mechanisms, making her or him feel emotionally charged and trusting of the environment. Sex under the influence of “E” can very easily be unsafe because there is no concern for protection from STDs, pregnancy or sex that is not considered without sober, informed consent.

The bottom line is that much of the pleasure of sex is in the indulgent sensation it tweaks, because good sex involves partners choosing to create delightful pleasure for each other. Sex that overrides the need to invest some time and effort for each other becomes a sophisticated – and in this case treacherous – form of masturbation.

Wanting to use it regularly is like believing that you cannot have sex without Viagra. The difference between Viagra and Ecstasy is that the former is a regulated medication that has been tested and can be taken over time, whereas “E” is degenerative.

Ecstasy creates its feeling of pleasure by triggering a release of serotonin. This makes the user feel calmed and pleased, but also sexually satiated. Over time, “E” can damage the system that regulates serotonin release in the brain. The outcome is a drop in natural sexual arousal. When a person has no spontaneous need for sex, but knows that they are able to enjoy sex with the help of a drug, the little tablet turns into a vital part of their normal functioning – a type of addiction.

Ecstasy, chemically known as MDMA, is a human-made drug, processed from amphetamine and very similar to methamphetamine. The pharmaceutical company Merck synthesized the drug for the first time in 1912, was developing it as an appetite suppressant. Needless to say, it never made it onto the shelves, but has become one of the easier drugs to get on the streets since the 1980’s, when international drug rings began distributing it widely and branding it as a party drug.


High: Some people report an increased sexual awareness while “tripping.”

Low: Trips are unpredictable. Hallucinating unpleasantly during sex could be traumatic, while a heavy dose may leave users turned off.

In a 1966 Playboy interview, Timothy Leary said that LSD was the most powerful aphrodisiac ever discovered, and that – under the proper conditions – women could literally have thousands of orgasms in a single evening while on it. Tim later admitted that he was exaggerating…“a bit,” but anyone who has ever had sex on acid knows that he wasn’t really exaggerating all that much. Wide-eyed trippers rave about timeless sessions of exquisitely heightened sex. Making love under the influence of a psychedelic may be one of the most extraordinary experiences that human beings are capable of.

Psychedelic drugs and plants can dramatically amplify physical sensations and greatly dilate our sense of time. Because they increase our sensitivity to sensory stimuli, and elastically stretch each moment, these mind-expanding substances can heighten sexual sensations enormously.

Psychedelics can also amplify emotional connections, dissolve personal boundaries, and deepen interpersonal bonds, making sex a much more meaningful and multi-dimensional experience. In the proper environment, psychedelic lovers can be transported to heavenly realms beyond description. In the best of situations, this can actually become a truly sacred event, a genuine mystical or religious experience.


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