The Concept Of Relationships Is A Thing Of The Past

The Concept Of Relationships Is A Thing Of The Past

It’s 2012, did you not get the memo? Relationships are a thing of the past just like beepers and your CD player. The people that are engaged in them are the ones that are still holding onto an antiquated concept that was created for Hallmark to make money every February 14. In the world we live in, it is almost impossible to have a successful relationships in the way that people did in generations before.

Times are different now, and the thought process of our youth, as well as the priorities and morals of many, have been extremely altered to fit into the world today. It seems as if the concept of loving someone for a long period is not something of interest in today’s society.

We live in a world where it’s all about the rush and the fun, rather than settling down and self-control. It’s all about experiencing the next high and living the next story. And who is to blame for this? Or maybe this is just the way things are. Life is all about change, and what we are experiencing now is one of the biggest mental shifts this world has ever had.

Here are several factors that are causing the concept of faithful dating to shift.

We want what we can’t have

This seems to be a huge problem in many people’s minds, but it is something of significance. Now more than ever, the grass is greener on the other side. We have been brainwashed to believe that we should not be complacent about what we have. Everyone always wants more, especially what they don’t yet have. Think about it, all day long we fantasize about the things we want – eventually, between the car, the house and the plane, somewhere in there is the super hot girl.

Anyone who is currently engaged in a relationship is dying to get out of it and has basically become bored with it because no one around them is in a relationship. Everyone is currently playing the field and cheating has become something that is accepted rather than just looked down upon. #cheatingisok was even trending on twitter, if you’re still in denial and think life is a fairy tale.

When in a relationship, everything around you looks a lot better than what you currently have and all it takes is a little bit temptation to give in. It’s the thrill of getting what we desire.

Sex has become casual

Believe it or not, a few decades ago people actually thought of sex as something valuable rather than just a game. Sex is now for the good feeling you get after busting with the girl you just met after an awesome one night stand. It’s fun for both of you, which is why you engage in doing so.

Because sex has become just a game and lost its value, it is no longer seen as exclusive thing. Rather, sex is something everyone has had. Do you know how hard it is to come across a girl that has slept with less than 5 guys? It is damn near impossible if you ask me. Sex is what made love and relationships special, but now it is just a part of the regular story of a night out. If that wasn’t bad enough, women now demand a monetary value for sex, either directly or indirectly.

Instant gratification

This brings us to our next point of instant gratification. We want things done right away when we want them, and done the way that we want them. God forbid twitter goes down for 5 minutes. And people go crazy as if it’s the end of the world if they have to wait for a table they reserved.

Because of this thought process, we expect things to happen fast and no one wants to put in the work to build a strong relationship with the other sex. A lot of work goes into it that takes a lot of time, money and thought. It is not an easy transition; a man needs to do a lot for a woman before they can be considered a couple.

But now men do not want to put in all of the work and time, and women are willing to give up sex faster than they used to. So why go through the process of building relationships when anyone can just get what they want right away?

A woman’s independence

Lastly, and unfortunately, women have become like men. Men are assholes, heartless and ruthless, and women are supposed to be the good in the world today. Instead they have become just like us because we have showed the way to do so. With women being equal to men in lifestyle, there are two alpha powers fighting each other. In this case, two negatives do not make a positive, which will destruct any relationship possible.

Closing thought

The idea of maintaing a relationship is akin to that of having a pack of unicorns: they just cannot exist. Eventually it is just going to be a world where people have casual sex with each other for a month and then move onto the next one. The concept of love and staying faithful is thrown out of the window because almost everyone has been cheated on before, so they are going to do the same to everyone else.


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