The Secret Spot All Women Have (Not The One You’re Thinking Of)

The Secret Spot All Women Have (Not The One You’re Thinking Of)

Every woman, and I mean every woman is vulnerable to a certain secret spot on her body. This spot has an 100% success rate and can be easily located by any guy looking for a new short cut to arousal.

If you are ever stuck in a situation with a female where you are in doubt if she will give up some sex whether it be the first night you met her or a girl that likes to play hard to get, this location on her body is guaranteed to get her in the mood and make her drop every bit of hesitation she had about letting you slide it in.

Why didn’t you already know about this spot? Up until now, chances are you probably didn’t know exactly where to find it. And it’s not the one you are thinking of.

The secret spot is in a sense a light switch. With the correct touch and motion towards that light switch, even the most resistant woman goes from off to on and you will find her begging for your you-know-what within a matter of seconds. Kiss all of your past mishaps goodbye because you are now one of the few enlightened beholders of the knowledge of one of the most conveniently clever ways to turn on a woman, something only known as “the secret spot” also the path to the golden road.

The secret spot is located on the rear of her left thigh, about four inches below the ass. Not just the whole back end, this is more towards the inner section, but still generally in the rear area. Go in towards the ass and then slide slightly south and it won’t be long before you’ve made the discovery.

You can basically feel your way to glory from there. However, finding the spot is only half of the battle. You must then gently caress this area and then she’ll be on top of you so fast you won’t even remember what just happened.

Once you have located this trigger point as we like to call it, its time to use the tip of your finger tips with the softest touch you can possibly give off your body and go with a small circular motion around the spot. Clockwise of course. The trick here is to not make your intentions so obvious, which is why it’s important to start at a less arousing spot on her back before you work your way down to the inner thigh.

Don’t start at the trigger point, start at another area of the lower back. This way, the attention given to the secondary trigger points beforehand will help the primary trigger point ignite in an even more powerful fashion. If you look at the photo below, this elite male is executing his touch with absolutely perfect technique.

The next step is figuring out how to pull this off in bed. The trick is to be a bit touchy when you are either sitting around at home or out getting drinks, planning your attack. Not too much to where it’s creepy, but just enough on the back or leg so it only makes her more comfortable and intrigued by your unorthodox methods of attraction.

Once she’s okay with being close to you, just get her to lay down so you can carefully engage your fingers in the aforementioned quest for the spot. In fact, we’re so confident about this success rate that when she asks you about sex, you don’t even have to look that interested because it’s going to be her that’s going to want it more after you’ve found the spot and triggered it.

You will be completely thrown off guard by how quickly her “Oh I don’t usually do this” shtick goes out the window after the spot has been correctly manipulated. It will literally be impossible for her to say no. You’ve clearly got a sense of the female body no guy she has ever been with has shown her before.

It’s kind of like when we as men get horny and our mind shuts off, causing us to think with our penis instead. Turns out, women aren’t so different if you just know how to work that not so secret spot from now on. We guarantee this will work. Try it this weekend and thank us later.

Stay elite, gentlemen. Believe it or not, there is more to a girl than what you thought you knew.

Chase Hitchens | Elite. 

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