Sex, Drugs, Parties And Money: What It Means To Be Young Again

Sex, Drugs, Parties And Money: What It Means To Be Young Again
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Our generation can be called the the generation that breaks the rules, the rebels of traditional young adulthood. It is safe to say we have not followed the path of any previous generation and have not really taken much from them as far as life lessons and how we should go about finding success and happiness.

We came here to break the rules and reinvent the game. We currently live in the biggest generational gap  in history and that is because the world is moving faster than it ever has before. What it means to be young is not what it meant to be young before. Now more than ever are we becoming more and more independent at such a young age as well as advantageous of the endless opportunities for adventure and personal growth come our way.

When we look back at what our generation is really standing for, it is one of the greatest double entendres in recent memory. We seem knowledgeable on paper and we stand behind social causes such as KONY and the presidential election. Too bad we forget about these social causes 3 days after they blow up on social media. We have the attention span of a fish and the alcohol tolerance of a bear.

What we will be remembered for is not the way we all decided to vote for Obama or the way we all decided to pile all this college debt on top of our heads. We will be remembered for knowing how to have a good time and not caring what our elders thought of how we interpreted leisure and recklessness thrills.

The love for drugs

Back in the good old days, the standard drug of choice was just smoking some weed rolled up in a joint or a dutch. A few hits here and there followed by the munchies was considered an epic night. Cocaine was known as the rich man’s drug because it was too expensive for college kids too afford.

Currently, drug use is at its highest rate of use among teenagers and this doesn’t just consist of smoking some weed a couple of times a week.  That has become so normal that it is even legal in some states in America.

Cocaine is no longer a rich man’s drug, as rich kids can afford it and give it away to all their other friends at social gatherings. Our generation loves the concept of being on cloud 9 so much that cocaine just wasn’t enough for us.

We have so much more to choose from, such as molly, ecstasy, LSD and magic mushrooms. There are music festivals every month of the year, filled with kids making YOLO moments every night. Getting drunk is boring for us.

We prefer to dialate our pupils by expanding our minds and pushing our bodies to the limit. Why get tired and grumpy when you can just pop a single pill and instantly turn into a fun loving superhero who can finally feel the beauty of being alive?

Sex with emotions? No chance 

Sex has currently become more of a feel good activity and more so as a game rather than anything emotional that requires love or deep seeded feelings or whatever the hell any of that shit is. People have sex with each other every where, at any time and with not much disregard for who their partner might have banged yesterday.

The way we see it, if you’re attracted to each other, why not do the most exciting thing you could possibly do with that person when the moment feels right? We all love sex, we’re a generation of nymphs that have collectively lost their virginity at the tender of 15.

Partying because we only live once. 

With the YOLO movement in full force, this generation actually believes we do live twice. We like to take advantage of the opportunity to turn any small social gathering into an epic party filled with risky behaviors, which is really our way of expressing of the love we have for each other’s company. Anything can be a party if you have the right people, right substances and right location.

We love to let loose, have a good time and be hungover the next morning trying to piece together what happened the previous night. Social media has given us all this fear of missing out on the best time we could possibly be having, so we all want to be the life of the party at any chance we get.

When we see other people having a drunken blast we get the desire to do the same thing. It is contagious and we all want to have a better story to tell than the next person.

Making money to pay off our loans 

We all love money and there is nothing wrong with that. We know that money is what makes the world go round since we have learned to use it to get sex, drugs and party all night long at such a young age. We can care less if we learn nothing in college and just pass the exams after overdosing on adderoll as long as we are having a good time.

We just pray that whatever BS degree we get will somehow get us a job so we can pay off the loans we managed to take out. This generation is hungry for money more than any other because we already know how much we need it to live how we want to.


Sure we may break the rules but we love having the ability to do what we want, to have control over our future. We strive for independence, so we can know that we were responsible for all the fun we’re having and the success we bring ourselves later in life.

What we will be remembered for is the fact that we saw life as something you should not take so seriously and that what’s really important is having a great story about the coed you banged the night before.

We’re just looking for the next best high we can get, and since it’s impossible to find one that lasts forever, we will keep doing our thing until our body physically cannot continue the adventure any longer.

Preston Waters | Elite. 

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