Stop Searching For Love; Fix Yourself First

Stop Searching For Love; Fix Yourself First
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The pursuit of happiness- what gives life purpose and meaning, yet at the same weighing down on us like a curse. We are all in a rush to be happy and to find that one thing that will make us happy. Because there must be something, or someone, out there that could make us experience continuous joy and happiness, right?

This sort of thinking is exactly that which leaves us be in the miserable situation that many of us find ourselves lost in.

The truth is that if you are searching for something outside of yourself to make you happy, then you are travelling down a path leading you in the opposite direction. This is the problem that I see with Generation-Y.

We are all so focused on the end result that we try to speed up the process; we look for things that will give us instant gratification. The issue with instant gratification is that it comes just as instantaneously as it goes. And like all of us “experimental types” know, the come down isn’t always worth the high.

Our lives aren’t perfect- and they never will be. But because we are beings of intellect, we are propelled to always strive for better. I would like to argue that this is precisely the purpose of life- to always be working on bettering yourself and your situation, your lifestyle.

Like in any other situation, a quick fix will only result in having to get your hands dirty again shortly. If you are going to do something, then do it right; only asses half-ass.

From personal experience, I have noticed that many of us try to patch up the holes in our lives by finding someone willing to distract us from how damaged many of us are. We find ourselves a boyfriend or girlfriend because we believe that that is what is missing in our lives, the one thing, that if attained, will make us happy.

Well, I am here to personally tell you to wake the fuck up. There is no one and no thing out there that can make you happy- not truly happy. Sure, the little pleasures in life are what make it worth living, but those pleasures are meaningless if deep down you are not pleased with yourself.

You are the only one that can make you happy. And it’s not by buying yourself more clothing, new outfits, cocktails, hookers, or mountains of coke. The only way that you can be happy is by being happy with yourself first and foremost. You can’t hope that you will run across someone or something that will make you happy.

Rely on yourself for a change. Do not try to find someone to make you happy for you- it won’t happen. The only way that others can ever make us truly happy is by showing us that we have worth, by showing us that we need to be happy with ourselves. Yes, the oral sex is definitely a bonus- but again, climax can only last so long.

So stop looking for a special someone to make you feel special. You are either happy with yourself or you’re not. If you’re not, then finding someone will only give you company in your misery. Focus on yourself for a change. Make those changes that you promised yourself you would make.

Get your life the way that you want it to be. We all have the ability to create the exact life that we want; anything that we dream up is possible. The trick is to stop waiting for changes to occur and to simply change. Then and only then ought we to consider finding someone to share our lives with.

Misery does love company, but so does happiness. You can either be miserable together or happy together. It all depends on you and you alone.

Paul Hudson | Elite. 

For more form Paul, follow him on Twitter @MrPaulHudson

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