The 10 Reasons A Relationship In Your 20s Makes No Sense At All

Eddie Cuffin

Relationships come and go, they are there when we want them and will rear their ugly heads when we don’t need them. Many people in their 20s love to emotionally and physically invest themselves in relationships in the hopes of having someone by their side at all times.

There are many benefits to a relationship; however, at this young age, relationships can be a burden.

This time in our life is critical to the foundation of the rest of our lives. Do we really want to waste our time and energy dealing with relationships when we should be spending our time figuring out what we want to do with our lives?

If you are really considering investing yourself in a relationship, you should weigh out your options. Here are the 10 reasons a relationship is in your 20s is a complete waste of time:

It is almost certain that you will get cheated on.


At our young age, we have already developed many habits that shape who we are. In particular, our generation has the habit of getting bored of things quickly, this is due to who we are, which is coupled with the pressures of society. Society always wants us to get the newest and latest thing, the thing that no one else could have. Well relationships are just like that as well.

They get stale and boring and all it takes is a few drinks and seven syllables later, you’re waking up next to someone who isn’t your partner. This can cause a lot of stress and countless arguments that can really be avoided.

You’re young, go out there and explore the world.

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Relationships require you to be monogamous and, at times, this can be one-dimensional. At our young age, we should be out there exploring and trying new things; yes, this includes partners as well. How do we truly know that we like someone without getting a true understanding for what else is out there?

Money doesn’t come easy, so save it.


Dinners, gifts and the occasional vacation can really put a damper on your finances. You should be using this time to build your portfolio and save money. It’s not a good look when you’re about to turn 30 and your bank account looks like you just turned 21.

Relationships require a great emotional investment without much return.


Is the return on a relationship at this time in your life really worth it? Let’s be honest here, relationships are rarely worth it just because they are too mentally and physically taxing. While having someone by your side that “loves” you and actually cares about you there are other avenues in which you can get the same feeling without being in a relationship. The return on your effort isn’t really what you expect and relationships always look better in movies.

Many of you will be going to college — have fun.

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This is the only time in our lives when we can make mistakes, fix them and still be okay in the future. Our young age only comes with much mistakes, life experiences will be our best teacher and it is important that we go out there and make these mistakes now.

Many of us will be in college while in our early 20s and this makes having a relationship almost impossible, not only that but you will never really have a true college experience if you’re constantly worried about someone else.

Girls can be too dramatic and will just waste more of your energy.


There are some girls that are just way too dramatic and over analyze every situation. Just take things for what they are and know that not everything is going to happen your way. If you have a dramatic girlfriend, then it’s going to be annoying having to deal with her and her antics. You’re going to find yourself wasting too much time trying to fix things that aren’t working.

You will spend more time worrying about your partner than about your own life.

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Your 20s are the most pivotal time for your life. This is the time where you will build the foundation for the rest of your life. You shouldn’t be spending this time worrying about someone else.

Yes, we get it, you love your partner and want to see them do their best, but how are you going to care for someone else when you yourself do not know what you truly want. Don’t limit yourself, the worst thing you can do at this time in your life is skip out on experiences because you want to be with your partner.

You’re young, true relationship problems don’t start until later in your life.


The problem with being so young is that every little issue gets magnified, every small thing becomes a huge deal. At this point in your life, you don’t have real relationship problems, yet you still find something to argue about. You should be spending this time stressing over your future and trying to figure out what you want to do with your life, not stressing over the fact that you said your girlfriend looks fat in her dress.

Consistent sex is great, but the emotional roller coaster isn’t worth it.


One of the best parts about a relationship is the consistent sex, knowing that no matter what you do at the end of the day, you have someone to sleep with is one of the most reassuring feelings in the world. However this comes at a price, for all this consistent sex, you have to deal with all the emotional problems that come with a relationship. This can really drain a person and take them away from the main goal of achieving something in their life. Don’t waste your youth in these petty emotional battles that won’t give you a return quite like selling your startup.

Ask yourself: is this person really going to make you truly happy in the long run?


Life is a marathon, not a race and you must look at everything for the longer perspective. In our young age, this may be extremely difficult, especially since we are so caught up in the moment. We must take this time to build on who we are, everything we do now will affect us later.

If you really feel that a relationship is truly worth the effort, then you should ask yourself if this person will make you genuinely happy in the long run. It’s all about the long term, life isn’t about these quick flings, it’s about finding someone you can trust and count on for the long haul.

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