The Truth Behind Why Women Like To Be Dominated

The Truth Behind Why Women Like To Be Dominated
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Why is it that women tend to be more attracted to strong, successful, dominant men? Women love to be submissive and love it when a man takes charge and gets things done himself. Sure, once in a while you will find a high heeled, whip barring dominatrix, but generally speaking, most women like to be dominated- especially in bed.

There are several reasons why these roles are the way they are and why you usually won’t find them reversed. Traditionally, the man is known as being the head of the household and the dominant figure in a relationship. The man was always the breadwinner, the provider and the protector. He was the one who would take care of the woman and keep her safe.

I know this sounds a bit archaic to us now- seeing as how women now also like to express themselves in an aggressive and dominant manner- but history shows that this is the way that relationships and roles inside the relationships were regarded.

While the roles set for men and women back in the early 20th century are now considered to be outdated, I believe that many people still hold these roles to be “ideal”. The image of the man as protector and the woman as the submissive, delicate creature is embedded in our minds- probably because of all the chick flicks that we watch imbuing such a standard.

Both men and women, when imagining the ideal romantic experience, imagine themselves being either the dominant man or the dominated woman. Why do women want to be dominated and why are men so willing to dominate? Like everything else, it stems from our psyches.

Men and women are opposites- or at least that is what they become when they enter a relationship. Human beings are programmed to want the best of both worlds- it’s the ego. For a relationship to work both parties cannot be aggressive and dominant and both cannot be submissive.

A couple that has both an aggressive man and an aggressive woman is bound to fail. The couple will argue and fight until they either breakup or literally kill each other. On the other hand, if you have a couple consisting of two submissive figures, both the man and woman will get bored and be miserable for an extended period of time because neither party will want to breakup- the dominant figure is usually the one that initiates the split.

For this reason the couple has to either take turns being the dominant/submissive party or one of them has to be the dominant figure and the other the submissive. Because traditionally men have been the dominant figures in relationships and because they tend to be physically stronger then women, men tend to fall into the role of dominance.

This is not a bad thing. Most women love having the man as the dominant figure. They feel protected and taken care of. They also get to be tied down and tossed around in bed- what woman doesn’t like that?

Paul Hudson | Elite. 

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