Do Women Have An Expiration Date?

Do Women Have An Expiration Date?

Nothing lasts forever in this world, and an obvious validation to this concept is the fact that all women have an expiration date. Just like milk and bananas, after a certain time period women go rotten, both physically and mentally. Have you ever drank expired milk? Or seen what happens to a banana if you leave it out too long?

The milk tastes terrible and will get you sick if you drink it. The banana gets all black and somehow, out of nowhere five thousand gnats appear on it. This is very similar to what happens to women in this world. Many women actually think they can stay sexy and beautiful forever but what they don’t realize is that their peak of beauty lasts less than 15 minutes and then it’s all down hill from there.

No man likes a lady that is broken in any way, and lucky for us men we don’t break until later on in life, like around our 60s. Women, however, break very fast and often. We have known many women who have been beautiful a few years ago but now are not even bearable to look at.

It all comes down to the z score curve. What goes up must come down at some point. Some ladies lose their looks faster than others. We know girls who were hot when they were 16 but are now STD infested 21 year olds that we wouldn’t even want our worst enemies to touch.

Mankind has never known a woman that has been hot forever, and we honestly feel bad for any girl who is in the peak of her looks because it’s safe to say that a woman is only as relevant as her face, boobs and ass. Once she gets around the block, she becomes broke, addicted to drugs and turns into what is known today as damaged goods.

The pressure is always on women to constantly make sure that they are good looking enough to be presented to the outside world, which is why they take 4 hours to get dressed to even get coffee every morning.

The best part about this is that us men really don’t care. We don’t care because there is a girl turning 18 every day and she is younger, tighter and hotter than those expiring by the minute. And of course these women are attracted to older men. This forces women in their late 20s to compete with college girls for the men that are supposed to take care of them.

The theory of the expiration date is one of the main reasons why I can never have a girlfriend. It is scary to think that if I start dating someone who is currently hot, two years down the line she will have lost her looks and I might not even notice until it’s too late. I would be forced to look at all the hot women walking down the street who are just waiting to be taken, and there would be nothing I could do about it. Fuck.

Why waste our time as men on one girl when eventually she is no longer going to be anywhere near as hot as she was when you met her? We are in our prime, so it only makes sense that we should conquer as many different women who are also in their prime at the same time.

Do you keep expired milk in your refrigerator after it gets old? No, you throw it away and you need to do the same with women after their prime is dead and gone.

Preston Waters | Elite.  

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