What Women Get Away With — And Men Don’t

What Women Get Away With — And Men Don’t
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Women in general have a way of getting away with things without repercussions. Having always maintained that being a woman is a better deal, I’ve never understood girls who complain that their gender is unfortunate because it has to go through both a red period and giving birth.

Of course, both those elements bring a certain amount of pain, no question about it.  But the “ability” in itself to be able to carry a child is an advantage. It’s something men can’t. It can even be argued to be a personal asset, and in this sense women are biologically superior.

And if the child happens to have a wealthy father, there’s something else: child support. Ask Mysa Hylton-Byrn who has a child with the artist P Diddy. He has to fork up $ 19, 000 a month. That “curse” can totally be reverted into a benefit.

Being a woman and comfortable with gender roles, I find that life just smiles to us in many instances. I always get through baggage-check at the airport even if I have more than 44 lb. of luggage. All I need is to make sure I end up with a male clerk at the desk and a winning smile. Here are some other instances where it’s okay to stretch the rules – just because you’re a woman:

• Women are not as pushed towards a high income career as men. In our society, it is common belief that men should provide for the family and thus need to work both harder and longer. Thinking about it, a patriarchal society isn’t that bad after all.

• Women can be “ladies of leisure” without getting half of the amount of patronizing, frowned looks as men will if they refer themselves to “men of leisure.”

• Women can possess a modest IQ-level and still advance in life thanks to their looks. Personally, I don’t know anything worse than a stupid man, and he will never advance into much more than a fashion model.

• Women can wear all sorts of colors. Men have to stay with a limited selection from the palette unless they want their sexuality questioned.

• Women who get sexually aroused won’t have a stick that is suddenly pointing out from their lower body part. Nature has blessed us with discretion in this instance.

• Women can sue for sexual harassment without being ridiculed in the process. This is a guaranteed way of losing one’s “Alpha”-stamp as a man, if you were wondering.

• Women can cry without being made fun of. Men can’t.

• Women get free drinks. Free lifts. Free dinners. Free jewelry. Free apartments. You get where I’m going with this.

• Women can be restrictive with buying things for their man. A man should never be stingy with a woman, as it’s most dreadful for his reputation. A stingy man will get shunned by the female society, irrelevant of his great looks.

• Women get taxis much easier than men. All we need is a short skirt. Men in some instances need to risk their life by jumping out in the middle of the street to get one. I find that highly risky.

• Women can enhance their looks with make-up, push ups, skinny jeans, hairspray, heels (contact me for full list). Thanks to modern surgery, we can also extend our expiration date (see “Sharon Stone”).  Traditionally men don’t use more than a comb and some after-shave, and a face-lift for a man is still in the grey-zone of being socially acceptable.

• Women can dance around a pole wearing a bikini, and still get better paid during one night than most men would during a month.

• Women are in control of their feelings. If we feel that the person we’re dating actually likes us, we don’t have to break up with them because we have “commitment-issues.”  Most men are emotionally unstable/handicapped, a state which doesn’t get any better until the age 35-40.

• Women can pick up the check once in a blue moon and get a standing ovation for it. Men need to do it almost every time and be satisfied with a simple “Thank you.”

Anna Madsen | Elite.

Visit Anna’s blog or follow her on Twitter: @AnnaMadsen

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Anna Madsen

Alpha woman, ex Parisienne and with an admiration for Marilyn Monroe: Anna Madsen has a natural passion for champagne and knowledge in handling the opposite sex. In her newly released book "Glamour Puss - A Tongue-in-Cheek Guide on Being a Powerful Woman" she discusses in a bold way how to be a modern lady and controlling men with wit, sex appeal and charm.

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