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Guys Reveal What They Really Mean When They Say They Want To “Go On A Break”

In a totally normal world that made sense, you'd think when people said they wanted to “go on a break” with the person they were dating, they'd mean just that: spending some time apart to recharge and reevaluate the relationship.

But I'm not sure if you know this: We absolutely do not live in a normal world that makes sense. Just last year, people dressed as clowns and ran around terrorizing other people for literally no goddamn reason. A Cheeto is president for f*ck's sake. See? Definitely not normal.

Clowns and Cheetos aside, because nothing makes sense, it can be hard to tell what someone's actually trying to tell you when they say they want to “take a break.”

Do they genuinely just want to take a break? For how long? Do they secretly want to see other people? Do they just want to be single? WHY DO YOU NEED A BREAK FROM ME???? I'M PERFECT????

Well, if you thought going on a break with your partner genuinely meant that they wanted a short break to recharge and come back to your relationship rejuvenated and ready to love, think again.

A group of guys took to Reddit to reveal exactly what it means when they say they want to “go on a break” with someone, and they were definitely… honest.

This guy thinks it's a euphemism for “I've fallen out of love with you.”

In my experience, and in others' experience, "let's take a break" means "I've fallen out of love with you and want to break up with you but I think you'll cry or yell at me so I am going to sugarcoat it for you and keep your hopes up at least until you see me with another guy/girl."


This guy thinks it's a lame excuse to keep someone around.

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I don't say that because it's bullshit. A break just means "I'm tired of you and break up but want to keep you on a leash in case I'm bored in a year"


These guys are confident it means the person saying it just wants to bang other people.

"I want to sleep around and see if I can find someone better than you while keeping you as a backup in case I don't."


It just sounds like you want to sleep with someone else. I'm not about it.


it means im gonna fuck other girls and come back when I get bored and need the void filled


I'm going to try and get someone better but if things don't work out I'd like to come back to you.


This guy thinks it could mean three things, all of which are definitely not just a “break.”

One of three things:

"I can't choose between the security of a long-term relationship and the possibilities of being single."

"This is over but I'm a coward whose method of dumping someone is to give them so little that they eventually dump me, and you've put up with total neglect for months, so now the only recourse I have is to effectively end the relationship in all but name, in the hopes that you will finally reach the end of your tether."

"Someone in particular has caught my eye but it's not a lock yet, so I'm manufacturing this wishy-washy arrangement to rationalize what I know deep down is just cheating on a trial basis."


These guys think it's a breakup at the end of the day.

Its a essentially a breakup with a review schedule for a later date to discuss the possibility of renewal.

I don't believe in the whole "We'll be apart but can't see other people" thing. In today's dating environment, that's just going to lead to dishonesty.

You go on a break to see if being single is better than what you have as a relationship.

But personally if a girlfriend ever asked me to go on a break, I'd just end it right there. If I'm with you, its because I'm sure I want to be with you. If you're not sure if you want to be with me, I won't waste time on that.


It's supposed to mean wanting space apart to clear heads with the intent to come back to each other. What it generally means in practice is that they want to see other people and if that doesn't pan out, they can always get back with you.

I typically won't even go on breaks with people. If I want to go on a break, I might as well just break up. If we want to give it another try later, sure, we can cross that bridge then, but it's not doing anyone a favor mincing words.


This guy thinks it's a way of saying “I can do better.”

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It means "I think I can do better but I'm gonna keep you on retainer just in case"


This guy seems to think it's pretty self-explanatory.

It means that you want space, and time to be a part (and maybe see other people). A trial separation. Usually though that does not bode well at all for your relationship.


These guys know “going on a break” means “soft breakup.”

It's just a soft breakup.


It's a breakup.

I've never said it to anyone but that's what it meant when I heard it


Basically a soft breakup with a stronger possibility of getting back together after a predetermined time. Does not bode well for the relationship regardless of the end result.


It is a polite and relatively non-hurtful way to say "I'm breaking up with you".


This guy knows the person wants to sleep with other people, but they don't wanna lose you… yet.

"I really want to bang this person but I don't want to lose any possibility of having you around yet."


This guy thinks the person saying it is already talking to other people.

In my experience it means she already has tinder activated again and notifications are popping up on her phone.

Its a case by case scenario, but for the most part i make plans to move on.


This guy thinks the guy who says this lacks ~the balls~ to end it.

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"I lack the testicular fortitude to dump her, but I still want her to go away."


This guy feels me when I think this phrase could literally mean anything.

Close to anything. Truly one of the the most bullshit, vague terms out there.


This guy just… OK.

Do you mean "taking a break"? If I am "going on a break", it means I am going outside to get a blow job.


This guy thinks Kanye summed it up perfectly.

As our lord and saviour, Yeezus, said it, "Baby, you're fired, ya girlfriend hired, but if you don't mind, i'mma keep you on call"


Well, there you have it, you guys. “Going on a break” with someone means… literally anything apart from an actual break at this point.

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Theresa is a full-time editor at Elite Daily. A psychic told her she is going to die alone, and that's exactly what she intends to do. Follow her on Instagram @theresamassony.
Theresa is a full-time editor at Elite Daily. A psychic told her she is going to die alone, and that's exactly what she intends to do. Follow her on Instagram @theresamassony.

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