The Timeline: Women’s Sexual Partners

The Timeline: Women’s Sexual Partners

While on our extremely difficult search to find the mythical “good girl” we have come across many women that have been “less than wholesome”, to say the very least. There have been numerous instances where we honestly believed we found one, but unfortunately had that image demolished by her answer to the question, “What’s your number?”

We have collectively heard some of the worst, most heart wrenching responses you could imagine. We want to save you from our pain and suffering. That brings us to the question: What is the acceptable number of guys for her to have had sex with, and at which age intervals do these limits apply?  Keep in mind while reading that the chances of finding a girl who isn’t sleeping around are very slim in this day and age.

This is clearly a question that has besieged the minds of our readers and their ancestors for countless ages. Thus, we have taken the initiative to break down the ages of females and how many guys we feel it is acceptable for her to have slept with for her not being called a hooker when the time comes around of what is your number?

We know, we know… There’s a double standard and it’s unfair that its acceptable in society that guys can sleep with many women but women’s come under scrutiny for similar behavior. Nonetheless, Elite Daily just doesn’t condone that sort of overt promiscuity.

18 Years Old

What’s The Number? 1 Guy

Of course, we have to begin with the legal age of consent. For this age we have decided to give our ideal girl the number of one guy. This number is obviously quite low. At this point, you’re still dodging your parents when trying to get some “alone time”, so if her number is already outrageous that’s extremely problematic.

This one guy is most likely her high school sweet heart, her prom date, or the captain of the football team. She lost her virginity to this guy. Nonetheless, her number should really not be over one because if she was partaking in unscrupulous activity in high school the future is bleak.

Please Note: This lucky guy is most likely not her first encounter with oral sex.

19 Years Old

What’s The Number? 3 Guys

After entering college you’re bound to see at least a 200 percent increase in her number. College freshmen are known as “fresh meat” on campus. The innocence of these naïve, doe-eyed coeds is unfortunately manipulated each year by savvy upperclassmen searching for a bang buddy. Thus, we feel it is fair to add two men to her count, the first being the asshole she had a one night stand with and the second a nice Elite gentleman who has wined and dined her. This behavior is of course the result of the fallout of the relationship with her high school sweetheart.

20 Years Old

What’s the number? 3 Guys

Remember the second guy she slept with? Well, they wound up dating and have a romance so beautiful that she’s currently brainwashed into thinking he’s the one.

21 Years Old

What’s The Number? 4 Guys

The aforementioned Elite gentleman wound up falling for his mistress—a Jewish girl from SDT. Our sullen angel will probably decide to spite him and have a one night stand with some asshole or instantly jump into a new relationship for the same purpose.

22 Years Old

What’s the Number? 4-5 Guys

She may be too upset after her breakup to have another one night stand. Perhaps things didn’t work out well enough with her rebound or she has found a new partner and started a relationship once again. It’s her senior year so of course she has become more mature and taking life more seriously. The 5th guy is most likely just a new bang buddy she has acquired.

23 Years Old

What’s the number: 6 Guys

Our beautiful angel has peaked to early and unfortunately already lost a bit of her looks. She is now finished with school and living in a real city where you don’t pay for friends like in sororities. She’s sure to be loving the new freedom and has decided to acquire a new boyfriend in the big city. She already thinks they’re going to get married.

24 Years Old

What’s the number: 7 Guys

The guy she thought she was going to marry just broke up with her because he “didn’t feel like just staying with one girl for the rest of his life.” Thus this has brutally broken her heart and she has gone out to find a quick rebound.

25 years old

What’s The Number? 7 guys

That quick rebound of hers wound up being an elite gentleman and popped the question, to which she happily replied, “Yes”.

I feel like this timeline I’ve laid out provides the ideal age-to-partner ratio for a woman at each given milestone. Our society is overrun by harlots and has a dearth of “good girls”. I’m not saying women should exhibit the social habits of a nun, but I just can’t imagine that there’s any benefit to getting into bed with a multitude of random men each weekend. In the average man’s mind, an easily susceptible just another conquest to brag to his entourage about.

A fine example of one easily coerced 22 year old woman had told one elite member she slept with 13 guys. Another member was told by an 18 year old that she has slept with a double digit number of men in such a short span of time. This is but a mere glimpse of the gross immorality in today’s society.


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