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Men Reveal Why They've Actually Ignored Girls They Really Like In The Past

The world is a cruel, cruel place, and here's a hard fact about it: Just because you like someone, doesn't mean they'll like you back.

When you're in the presence of someone you're interested in, time tends to freeze. We clam up and stutter, doing and saying the absolute dumbest things because, frankly, we're not sure what else to do around them.

People tend to hold back their emotions unless there's a firm confirmation that the person you're interested in feels the same way you do, and rejection is a concept we tend to avoid at all costs.

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To get around that, sometimes, it's better just to swallow the idea of you and your crush together, and keep 'em out of your life entirely. It's hard to entertain the thought of something you know may not happen.

Below, a handful of guys took to Reddit to divulge in the real reason they've ignored girls they really liked in the past. And honestly, a lot of these reasons make sense. Sometimes, you just have to do what's best for your feelings.

This guy's crush was already preoccupied with someone else.

Because they're taken, or not interested. It helps me from not obsessing over them.


This guy played it cool, so he didn't come off too desperate.

To not come off as desperate, I've had great success with this method. This will not work with everyone.


Sometimes, it's clear the girl just doesn't like you back.

I would avoid someone I liked if she made it clear that she didn't like me.


I knew she wasn't interested and it didn't seem fair to either of us, especially me, to hang out


These guys were too afraid of getting rejected.

Usually because of fear that she would think I was weird/creepy and wouldn't like me back, or if I was afraid to appear too desperate.


Too scared to do anything.


Insecurities held this guy back from hanging with a girl.

Insecure that she liked me, couldn't really believe it, triggered hard


This guy doesn't even know why he does it.

I've done this with almost every woman I've ever liked. I don't know why.


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This guy needed to distance himself from a girl he worked with.

Because we were coworkers, I knew the interest wasn't reciprocated, and I couldn't distance myself enough to give myself the time to get over it.

I probably should've told her why I was avoiding her. She's highly unstable and insecure, most of our interactions were about her and her problems (her drama), and to complicate things another coworker liked her as well and was jealous of how close we were getting before I cut contact. I just didn't want anything that could possibly jeopardize my job or reputation. Maybe I'm just being naive, iono.

In hindsight though the friendship was far too one-sided for my liking. E.g. I would spend hours of my day talking to her (in-person) about her issues, but if I ever had any I wanted to talk about (even just over text) it was "not my problem, deal with it yourself." If I ever wanted to hang out (as friends) or grab a quick bite her answer was literally the equivalent of "I'd rather be alone than spend any time with you."

We're still coworkers. I wonder if it's too late to say anything now that my feelings have largely receded.


If you're this guy, you just do it because you're with another girl.

Someone ignoring you? I've only ever done that if I'm really busy or I was currently with another woman (I don't want to be fucking with my phone texting another girl when I currently have one there that wants to spend time with me).


This guy hid his feelings for the sake of a friendship.

Yeah, sorta. There was a girl I liked and who I was friends with, and another of my best friends who liked her as well. She was in a relationship, but my friend told her how he felt. There was a rather bad falling out between them because of how he reacted when she started bringing her boyfriend around, and she and my friend pretty much stopped talking for several years. I had a huge crush on her but decided not to do anything about it. He and I are still great friends, and they're now on pretty good terms with each other.


Apparently, this guy has several reasons why ignoring a girl is your best bet.

Because she's either taken, not interested, significantly separated from me in age, or any combination of the above.


If that girl is your ex, it's best to stay away at all costs.

She's my ex and it's best not to bring those feelings up


These guys are just avoiding what they know won't happen.

Avoiding them in hopes that i can destroy any feelings i have for them, because everytime i talk to them i fall for them all over again, and i know she is taken so by avoiding her, i hope to stop those feelings.


Not ignored per se, but avoided definitely, I'm currently doing that, as to not engage with her as much. Since I believe she's not interested in me(has turned me down a couple of times,when asked out) , so I'm just saving my feelings and I'll stop avoiding her when I'm comfortable around her again..


Other times, the girl just proves not to be worth it after all.

Yea, second time she blew me off I ghosted her. Not worth my time.


Ignoring someone you like is never an easy thing to do, but sometimes, it's the smartest thing to do emotionally.

NY Rangers legend Wayne Gretzky said, “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take,” but honestly, I'd rather miss out than have my heart broken sometimes.

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Sean Abrams is a sex & dating writer for Elite Daily. He enjoys long walks on the beach and large glasses of tequila. When he's not putting his thoughts on paper, he likes to pretend he's just like Channing Tatum in "Step Up" as a hip hop d ...

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