7 Wisest TV Characters Of The 90’s

7 Wisest TV Characters Of The 90’s
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Throwback Thursdays, also know as #TBT, has become a popular trend in social media today. This week, we honor some of the wisest TV characters of the 1990’s.

These are the great men and women who provided important life lessons to the other characters on their prospective shows, as well as all the viewers at home. Here are the 7 Wisest Characters of 1990’s TV:

Mr. Feeny

Who better to start off with than possibly the wisest character of them all, Mr. George Feeny. For those of you who live under a rock, Disney announced earlier this week that Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel have signed on to reprise their roles as Cory and Topanga on a spinoff of ‘Boy Meets World’ called, ‘Girl Meets World’ (women really are getting everything these days).

The biggest questions on everyone’s minds are, is Mr. Feeny still alive? Will he be on the new show? The answer to the first question is yes; the answer to the second question is we don’t know, though we hope so!

Mr. Feeny was Corey Mathews’ teacher, neighbor, principal, mentor, and possible grandfather; on the hit show ‘Boy Meets World’. No matter what trouble Corey and the gang got themselves in, Mr. Feeny found away to pop out of nowhere (similar to Dexter’s Dad on ‘Dexter’…except alive…and not useless) and help them solve their problems.

He believed in his students and instilled in them the courage to take on any obstacles in their way. Today when someone asks me which teacher I learned the most from in my life, I still reply with Mr. Feeny.

Bill Nye the Science Guy

Speaking of teachers, nothing made a class of students happier than when they’d walk into their classroom to find a substitute teacher pulling out a ‘Bill Nye the Science Guy’ video and popping it into the VCR. Victory! Who can forget that amazing theme song?

How else would we know inertia was a property of matter? Bill Nye taught us everything we know about science by combining education with quirky comedy, and a lot of explosions. Despite recent rumors of the great scientist’s death due to drug use, Bill Nye will forever be our generation’s favorite nerd and Science Guy.

Grandpa Phil

Grandpa Phil, aka “Steely Phil” for his mastery of Chinese Checkers, was Hey Arnold’s goofy fun-loving grandpa. Whenever Arnold found himself in a dilemma, Grandpa Phil was there to tell him a crazy half-made up story that would make him feel better, and help him find a solution to his problems. Come on, he helped the Americans defeat the Nazi’s!

Even if the pointy top of his head and his cleft chin, combined to kind of make his head look like a giant penis, Grandpa Phil was a wise and genuine man who was always there to help our favorite football-headed friend. And let’s face it; his karate chopping wife Pookie was a GILF! Grandpa Phil is the cool and funny grandpa we all wish we had.

Lori Beth Denberg

Growing up, there were few things I looked forward to as much as Saturday Night Nickelodeon, aka SNICK. One of the most popular shows on SNICK was  “All That”, the hilarious (at least at the time) sketch comedy-variety show featuring reoccurring skits that left us peeing in our tighty whities week after week.

Lori Beth Denberg, an overweight and possibly somewhat Chinese woman, provided us with ‘Vital Information’ that truly was vital for any young child growing up.

As she sat there at her desk behind her books and globe, we took in every word and laughed our butts off at every punch line as if she was the funniest/most knowledgeable woman in the world.

Who could ever forget some of her finest words, such as, “If you’re on a first date with somebody, never stick your finger in their spaghetti, twirl it, and holler, ‘Lookie, date, I’m makin’ sketti circles!’” Pure genius! What would our generation be without Lori Beth Denberg? Is she the possible cause of this country’s obesity?

Wilson Wilson Jr.

One of the wisest and most mysterious men of 1990’s television, Wilson Wilson was the Taylor Family’s neighbor in the hit show ‘Home Improvement’. Always around to give neighborly advice, Wilson was the all-wise sage on the show, who constantly helped Tim solve his problems.

Even though we never saw the bottom of his face until the series finale (what a beautiful face indeed) we trusted his every word and all secretly wished we had such a knowledgeable neighbor who could pop his head over our fence and tell us what to do.

Carl Otis Winslow

Is there a cooler name on TV than that? Carl Winslow, was a Chicago Police Officer and loving father on the legendary show “Family Matters.” Aside from taking care of his own family, he always looked out for his pesky neighbor Steve Urkel, even if half the time he wanted to strangle him.

Though at times he may have eaten a few too many doughnuts for his own good, Carl was a good father and mentor for all. From him we learned the importance of taking responsibility, tolerating others, and how to grow an epic mustache.


Debatably the most all-knowing and powerful character of them all, Zordon was a wizard who along with his trusted assistant Alpha 5 recruited “five teenagers with attitude”, who later became known as ‘The Power Rangers’. From his giant capsule tube in the Command Center, Zordon mentored and advised the Power Rangers on fighting Rita Repulsa, and protecting Earth.

There wasn’t a young child in America who didn’t wish to be able to transport to the Command Center and take orders from the great Zordon himself. Remember how sad we all were when Ivan Ooze almost killed him in the movie?  Sometime when I close my eyes, I can almost hear him faintly whisper, “Rangers, you must act swiftly, the planet is in grave danger!” A wise man indeed.

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@TylerGildin is a NYC based Stand Up comedian.

For more of Tyler’s Signature 7 articles and Man on The Street Video’s, click here

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