Chief Keef To Be Baptized Upon Release From Jail

Chief Keef To Be Baptized Upon Release From Jail

Chicago emcee Chief Keef is currently serving a two month sentence in a juvenile detention center for violating his parole. Upon his release, it is said that Chief will participate in a baptism ceremony led by a Chicago Reverend.

Since taken into custody, Chief has seen even more legal trouble… including a lawsuit for a missed concert appearance, as well as a claim of unpaid child support from a middle school student!

However, new reports suggest that Chief Keef is planning to turn his life around… as reverend Corey Brooks explains that he will baptize the troubled rapper upon his release.

Reverend Brooks, known as Chicago’s “Rooftop Pastor,” claims that Keef “is not a bad kid,” and believes his troubles are the result of his young age and misperception of things.

“I think people forget he is 17 years old,” said Brooks, adding, “He is an entertainer, that is how he sees himself. But at the same time, he has a God-consciousness. He is not some terror who is wreaking havoc.”

If it does go down…the baptism will reportedly take place at Rev. Brooks’ New Beginnings Church in Chicago’s Woodlawn neighborhood.

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