Some Dudes Hysterically Recreated Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Ads (Photos)

No Justin Bieber ad is complete until someone spoofs it.

Upon hearing about 20-year-old Bieber's sexy new Calvin Klein ad campaign co-staring blonde supermodel Lara Stone, Australian jokesters Christiaan Van Vuuren and Nick Boshier knew they'd have to take their own crack at it.

The pair, who film a comedy show called “Bondi Hipsters,” stripped down to mimic Bieber’s best poses.

On their Facebook page, the Bondi Hipsters wrote,

Juhstin Biehber is sporting a 100% genuine blank-as-f*ck thousand-yard stare, and he doesn't even have hair on his chest yet!

We've taken the time to re-shoot his campaign and think that with a little hair on our chests, we've brought something edgier and slightly more realistic to the table.

There’s no doubt man-on-man chest hair and made-up hashtags make this shoot even funnier.








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